We have some ceral the nobody right here want eat.Is it ok to feeding it come the chickens?Rice krispies-crispix-multigrain cheerios-cheerios-banana seed crunch-honey bunches the oaks.THanks for her reply.I checked out on right here how part feed over there scaps.So i assumed i would ask.they have actually all the other good healthy food in there feeder. Thought possibly they would favor this

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Well, as lengthy as it does not have alot of sugar in it, and also it is no starchy, salty, that is a good food for them to try.

They will certainly love it,,,just feed it the end to them as their treat everyday. I execute not rubbish anything anymore due to the fact that my chickens get it all.I can"t open up my ago door due to the fact that they think ns am going to litter treats turn off the deck.
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Wow, send the expensive grain over to mine house! simply kidding. Rice is among my chicken"s favourite foods!
My chickens LOVE Rice Krispies! i buy the big institutional dimension bags in ~ Wal Mart (don"t understand right off what brand) & offer them a tiny handful every day!
Quote:Cooked rice in little quantities is ok. It is greatly the uncooked rice and especially the prompt rice prefer Minute Rice, because it have the right to expand. Too lot of the supervisor starchy rice have the right to get influenced in your craw, if they don"t have actually other food and also grit to break it up. Grain rice is fine!Shelly
ATTENTION Shelly and Lost.It is absolutely no true that rice will certainly expand and hurt your chicken or any kind of other bird for the matter. Rice, like any kind of other food that any type of BIRD EATS is ground increase in thier crop and digested perfectly safely like any other food lock eat.It is a buch of masculine bovine manure that throwing rice at weddings will hurt the birds the eat it. The aint nothin however a false tree huggers wives tale.See fer yerself.http://www.snopes.com/critters/crusader/birdrice.asp
thank ta"ll there eating grain to night lol because that the involved people castle have great food too that remains full
really thank ya"ll ns didnt want to ache my brand-new kids lol
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