It’s an instinct mutual by countless pet owners. You’re enjoy it a food you like, and your pet also wants a piece. It’s difficult not to give in come the temptation and also give her furry girlfriend a bite. After ~ all, if it’s safe for you, it’s for sure for them, right?

Unfortunately, the reality is, that’s not always the case. Plus, we regularly eat plenty of foodstuffs that aren’t actually an excellent for us. Our human being bodies have actually mechanisms that have the right to cope with processed foods, but our pets carry out not.

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A hot dog might seem choose a harmless rod of meat, not much removed from any kind of rat or bird that your cat killed and also dragged home. However, looks have the right to be deceiving. That warm dog is vastly different from any food her cat would certainly naturally have actually in its diet. Experts will tell friend that warm dogs space not a food you should feed her cat, yet if you desire to know more, then check out on.


No, friend Shouldn’t Feed her Cat Hot-Dogs!

Photo credit: Shutterbug75, Pixabay

But, Aren’t cats Carnivores?

Most of us are conscious that cats are clever hunters, stalking and killing every sorts of tiny animals. Every cat owner has actually been gifted among these small tributes from your feline at some time.

To us, eating a dead pigeon appears disgusting. ~ above the other hand, we eat warm dogs all the time without providing it a 2nd thought. So, to us, a hot dog seems prefer a healthier, safer bet. Why wouldn’t we want to re-superstructure some through our cats?

On the surface, this logic seems to do sense. Pigeons and also rats lug diseases that we recognize aren’t current in our hot dog meat. But the meat that your cat would certainly be eat in the wild is an extremely different native the handle meat that’s had in a warm dog.

Wild meats vs. Handle Meats

If it’s every meat, climate why must I protect against feeding my cat a hot dog as soon as it eats rats outside?

Our person bodies have developed to digest the processed foods items that us eat. Prior to we developed these foods, they did no exist on earth. This method that no various other creatures have had the time to adapt to eating these processed foods.

A warm dog isn’t just ordinary meat, though it looks choose that on the surface. It’s actually an amalgam of quite a couple of different meats and also parts that animals, to add a totality bunch the chemicals and preservatives together well.

Moreover, warm dogs have very high- fat content. In the wild, very few animals have actually high-fat content. This method that a cat’s herbal diet consists virtually entirely of very lean meats.

Humans aren’t the only ones with an obesity problem today. Numerous pets are as overweight together their owner now, and component of the problem is the they’re being fed processed foods items that were never ever meant to be a part of their diet.

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What’s in a warm Dog That’s negative for her Cat

In truth, hot dogs aren’t healthy and balanced for humans either. It’s recommended that humans avoid spend this food, particularly in huge amounts. Let’s take it a look at some of the ingredients in a hot dog that you don’t want to feed her cat, or yourself!

High sodium Content

Everyone knows that too much sodium in your diet can cause problems. In humans, it can reason high blood pressure and also worse. But with cats, the impacts can it is in even more detrimental.

Though excessive sodium isn’t an excellent for humans, our bodies have the right to still process huge amounts that sodium relatively easily. However, cats’ body aren’t built to procedure sodium because it’s not current in any type of of a cat’s natural food sources. A cat simply isn’t going to be adding table salt to a hare it eliminated in the bush.

The extra salt can cause dehydration in your cat, even in tiny amounts. But it gets worse. Your cat can even end up with sodium-ion poisoning if you regularly feed lock too lot sodium. This can reason elevated blood pressure, tremors, seizures, anxiety, depression, nausea, vomiting, and also more.

Too much Fat

We’ve currently mentioned the high-fat contents of warm dogs, but it’s among the greatest reasons no to feeding them to your cat. Cats’ digestive systems don’t have a means to process all of that fat, for this reason it ends up acquiring stored. This is walking to contribute to one obese and also unhealthy cat with a much shorter and much less enjoyable life.

Photo credit: hennigholger, Pixabay

Nitrates and also Nitrites

All kinds of preservatives and chemicals are uncovered in hot dogs, consisting of nitrates and nitrites. Since hot dogs room made to have a really long shelf life and be ready to eat without needing to be cooked, lock contain far an ext preservatives than most other foods.

Though our bodies have actually learned to adapt to the high lot of preservatives and also other chemicals that have become such a significant part of our diet, our pet still can’t procedure these chemicals as effectively. This method that they’re double as toxic to ours four-legged friends, therefore it’s no worth risking.



In the end, every pets owner has to make their very own decisions about their pet’s life. Yet if you want to aid your cat live their ideal life, then hot dogs should not be a component of their diet.

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These foods contain too much fat, which will certainly be easily stored and also contribute to her cat being overweight due to the fact that they can’t process fat and humans. Plus, the overabundance sodium can dehydrate her cat and also even make it sick. Finally, the preservatives and also chemicals uncovered in hot dogs room toxic for her cat, just one more reason why warm dogs aren’t a good food to feed her furry loved one.