One generally asked concern we receive is “How old perform I have to be come pawn my items?” 

Like many things in this day and age, you do have to be a minimum that 18 year old to pawn stuff. The factor for this is based solely about the act of pawning itself. Pawning things is akin come entering right into a contract. Unfortunately, friend do need to be 18 years of age since a minor can not get in into a legit binding contract whether it is a linguistic contract or a written contract. It’s no a selection of discrimination native the pawnshop’s next of things however rather a law that need to be complied with by the state.

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If a parental suspects their children may have actually stolen and also later pawned one item, it would certainly be necessary to identify that it would certainly be extremely unlikely that they walk the yes, really pawning of the article themselves. However, that is possible that a minor could potentially get around this preeminence by questioning a relative or larger friend that is end the period of 18 come pawn the item for them. This actions room a potential loophole come the period required. Also with that said, there’s no need to worry. Pawn shops perform not market stolen items, they will be went back to their rightful owner.

The sad reality is that people of all eras can effort to offer stuff that doesn't belong to them. At our pawnshop us make a solid effort to understand the history of ownership concerning an item, and also ensure that the human being bringing the items in is truly the owner of together item. We might ask a collection of questions around where the item to be obtained, how long the customer has owned it, and even as far as how to usage the item. If the customer seems confused around the duty of an object that can administer insight right into whether or not we will select to purchase the item native them. Even in enhancement to that, it’s important to acknowledge that pawn shops have regulations and also rules in ar to prevent any type of wrongful selling. It’s an extremely easy to be captured red handed once selling stolen goods as result of safeguards in place and the rules we enforce in every pawnshop.

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No matter the circumstances, the reassuring to understand that your local pawnshop, Sportsmans Pawn, takes proud in protecting themselves and the community versus fraud. We’ve to be nominated for Salt Lake City’s finest Pawn Shop for the terrific work we carry out here! Please aid us out by voting for us here as your favorite pawn shop in the purchase category!