Do leopard geckos need a companion? If yes, What pets can live through a leopard gecko? should you lug a tank girlfriend home? just like human beings, leopard geckos room social animals. However, your pet will certainly not it is in lonely in the absence of a tank mate, it deserve to thrive much better by itself.

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Best Leopard gecko tank matesHow to safely present your new pet to your Leopard geckoShould male and also female geckos be housed together?

Best Leopard gecko tank mates

Let’s agree; that is fairly tempting to home your leopard gecko with other pets even though they can do simply fine by themselves. Mustache dragon, lizard, turtle chelonians, and iguana can co-exist happily with your leopard gecko when conditions room right. We have provided the criteria for adding other pets to your leopard gecko tank:


Turtles space friendly. Lock can quickly live in the very same environmental conditions as those of your leopard gecko.


Turtle gender can be determined easily for far better decision making throughout purchase. The males have actually long tails and a rectal opening located near the tail end. Top top the other hand, the females have their rectal opening near their shell and are much shorter in length.

The good news v female turtle is the they have the right to lay eggs without a male. Your diet need to comprise more of vegetables than proteins. With a small budget, girlfriend will be able to take treatment of her turtle diet seamlessly.

The downside through turtle pet is that they need a massive space to exist comfortably. Friend will likewise require a water filter due to the fact that the animals eat and defecate in the habitant.


Lizards space friendly creatures. They relocate around more in search of warmth. It common to view a lizard basking through their belly encountering the sun’s direction.

Lizards can quickly exist v your leopard gecko as lengthy as their temperature demands are met. Lizards are climbing pets and also will generally run into hiding during danger. Therefore, you must include a cave-like a hideout in the habitant if you intend to buy one together your leopard gecko companion.


Iguanas are normally not social animals. However, they exist together a team in the wild, a great sign that they can live happily with your leopard gecko pet.


The iguanas room pretty perceptible pets; they will exhibit different defense mechanism during danger. For instance, they deserve to hiss and also click with their mouths wide open once sensing danger. The most usual defense device for iguanas is their body’s compression to appear taller to give an intimidating attitude to the enemies.

It is only fair that you carry out a danger-free atmosphere for the iguana if you great to carry it house to your leopard gecko. The Iguanas diet comprises of different varieties of insects and vegetables.

Bearded dragon

Bearded dragons are calm pets. They space attention-seeking and curious animals.

Perhaps the necessary characteristic the a mustache dragon is their color-changing nature. Like various other chromatophores, bearded dragons contain cells that reflect light and give them the capability to adjust color together they move about their environment.

Bearded dragons may absence appetite during brumation. Throughout this period, it is important to ensure that ideal conditions room provided. As they shade, the creatures might additionally exceedingly look for affection or become much more restless.

A moustache dragon will certainly be a good roommate to your bearded dragon as lengthy as you room not too busy to administer the attention, love, and also care needed.

How come safely introduce your new pet to your Leopard gecko

Leopard geckos are one of the best reptiles pets for beginners. their friendly and calm nature dictates the they will conveniently mingle with various other creatures. However, the is not always easy to spark friendships; over there are number of mistakes that pet owners make when introducing their brand-new pet to your leopard gecko. We have detailed some factors that can aid you stop disaster:

Ensure ideal health

Reptile pet experts recommend the you quarantine your new reptile because that at least a month before adding your leopard gecko habitat. The reason for this is to ensure the the brand-new pet is totally free of epidemic to stop transmission to your leopard gecko.

It is common for reptile pet to construct an infection when presented to a new habitat or under stress. Maintaining your new pet separate for a month will certainly ensure the you gain over.

Don’t include a brand-new species.

When adding new animals to her leopard gecko tank, ensure the they space of the same species. Various reptile varieties have various temperature, humidity, and light requirements. It will be simpler for girlfriend to save one species of reptiles in the exact same tank.

Additionally, Having different reptiles types may develop room for conflict between each other, particularly when make the efforts to produce dominance.

Prepare to spend more.

With an increased number of pets, you will need to incur an ext expenses for food, care, and also more. Your reptile tank will require an ext lighting and also heating accessories, which, without doubt, prices more.

Your pets call for veterinary care now and then. The is, therefore, crucial to ensure that you have enough resources because that pet care.

Learn around pet personalities

Reptiles are one of the smartest pets. They connect well through each other. It would be ideal if girlfriend took the time to research your new pet’s personality to know how ideal it will connect with her leopard gecko.

You will need to monitor the interaction between the two animals sometimes come ensure the utmost transition. Remember, as with human beings, some reptiles deserve to be introverted if the remainder are extroverted.

Should male and female geckos it is in housed together?

Male and female leopard geckos invest time together when necessary. The is straightforward to notice the closeness between the male and female leopard geckos throughout the adjustment period.

Female and also male geckos have the right to live happily. Below are the Criteria for real estate male and female geckos:

Pairing and grouping

A male and female leopard gecko have the right to exist peacefully in a tank. A group of females can live in addition to one male once adequate space and care is available. A group of geckos comprises of five females and one male. Surprisingly several female leopard geckoes deserve to live together with one male, however several males can never exist with a single female. Males geckos will always fight over territories.


A group of geckos housed together have to be of the same size and weight. The factor for this is to shot and limit conflicts between the pets. Tiny geckos room prone come bullying fr4om the bigger ones, especially throughout feeding.

Habitant size

What is the best tank size for your leopard gecko? room is crucial when you intend to keep number of leopard geckos in the very same tank. You need to ensure that there is enough space for each pet to walk approximately freely. The lot of space that you require will count on the types you intend to house together. You will have to invest in a tank the is around 20 gallons because that a single crested gecko. Top top the other hand, two leopard geckos deserve to live comfortable in a 20-gallon tank. With five house geckos, girlfriend only require a 30 gallons tank.

A big space is far better for your pets. The is the best means to stop unnecessary competition during meals and illnesses as result of overcrowding.


Breeding will happen when you save male and female leopard geckos together. The exact same will occur when a team of mrs geckos is housed together with a male leopard gecko. The egg laid by the female have to be gotten rid of often and also be kept in a safe and clean ar for flower to take it place. The is worth noting that female geckos execute not sit top top the eggs nor treatment for their young ones.

After hatching has actually taken place, you will need to place the babies in a brand-new tank and carry out proper nutrition and lighting for your growth.

Can the leopard gecko live alone?


The leopard gecko is generally a solitude pet. Leopard geckos can grow alone, live as a group, or with a single female or male.

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Summing up

Keeping two male geckos in the same tank is not a great idea together they will certainly fight. Medium aged males and female leopard geckos need to be be separate to protect against breeding before time is right. ( A woman leopard geckos must be about 60 grams for reproduction to take it place) that is no advisable to have actually geckos that the different sizes in the very same habitat; the younger people are likely to be bullied. Leopard geckos thrive better in a huge habitat. We hope this short article helped you bring the best leopard companion home.