After 2 google searches and also skip tracing, ns was may be to see the guest mugshots.

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Turo has come to be a horrible platform for hosts. I've had actually one automobile stolen and another one wrecked. Turo paid because that the crashes after damages but the whole venture was just not precious the effort and stress. The people who rental from Turo cannot rent from any type of other legit outfits. Turo's off-shore call facility is even worse.


If you have actually a auto on Turo, then it's going to happen.

I've had actually someone v an open up multiple killing warrant pick up one of my cars via Turo. He came to be arrested if in my car and also they traction multiple weapons out of the automobile during the arrest.

My automobile was in police impound because that 3 weeks and it took 20 hrs of my time to finally get the car released.

Turo has actually become very host-unfriendly and also give priority to first-time guests with bad credit. They listen to the feedback of guests than they listen to hosts. This is a really bad setup to your platform. Getaround has started in mine neighborhood and also I'll start listing all of my cars (7 for this reason far) v them. They have a much much better approach come real-time on-location rental.

I'd forgotten around Getaround, I created an account a while back, but they hadn't started in my region. Many thanks for reminding me lock exist and might be a viable alternative.

Im a customer not an owner. Ns agree about the customer service. Its outsourced trash. The transaction top top the application was reasonably simple to use and also almost similar to renting a automobile from a reliable agency. Im not certain where Turo (or any other firm for the matter) has ever before done a elevator check, though. Every I've ever before done is provide my driver patent info. The factor I ended up making use of Turo was bc the to be no actual access for the dates I needed and also what was easily accessible was much more pricey than average. I ended up spending $140 on Turo for 2 days in a 2017 Carolla. It was ok, but I perform prefer an ext reputable agencies.

The human being who rental from Turo can not rent from any type of other legit outfits.

Uh, yeah. This is their company model.

Sometimes someone v a criminal record requirements to rental a car.

You can decline any booking you want, as long as you're no doing it due to the fact that they're a member of a protected class.

If girlfriend do whatever you're claimed to on her side, the shouldn't issue who rents your automobile or what they execute with it. You'll it is in covered. Might be a PITA to transaction with, but you're still covered.

I’ve had 1300+ trips so far. The difficulties started appearing in 2019 after lock started changing their background check criteria.

So, once a criminal constantly a criminal. Might too execute all people with criminal backgrounds. Could be precious looking at the criminal prejudice system while girlfriend look at your own bias.

Because of Turo's organization practice, they have the right to never beat traditional rental services. Due to the fact that their business is based upon screwing master by letting us address the worst the the worst renters and not protecting the brand and also assets the the hosts. Some cities, Turo and Getaround is typically used by drug dealers and also car thieves.

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Easier than go the end breaking right into a automobile when a automobile thief can use the app to gain a car delivered to them utilizing stolen identities.

Cool story, space you walk to avoid listing and also renting the end your 8 car you payment sub-$12k for on Turo now?