If you’re thinking around getting chickens, you could be wondering how countless eggs they will give you every day. This is a great question, and the reality is, it varies! I think the there are a many misconceptions around laying hens. People think the if they obtain 3 hens, they’ll have actually 3 eggs every day. This may or might not be the case.

How many eggs you acquire from each chicken every day depends on number of factors:

The time the yearThe breed of the chickenThe age of the chickenWhether or not you have lighting in her chicken coopIf her chicken is moltingIf her chicken feel stressed due to the fact that of predators, or mites, or a absence of ideal foodHow “free range” they are (They might lay eggs the you can not find)

If you’ve gained young hen (between 6 months and 2 years), it’s bright outside, and your chickens are living a reasonably stress-free life, you have to expect about 2 eggs every day from a coop that 3 hens. Take the variety of hens you plan to purchase & main point them through .75, and also you’ll come up v the typical # of egg you will gain per day. Example:

2 hens should give you 1 come 2 eggs every day3 hen should provide you 2 eggs every day4 hens should give you 3 eggs every day5 hens should provide you 3 to 4 eggs every day6 hens should offer you 4 come 5 eggs every day7 hen should give you 5 eggs per day8 hen should offer you 6 eggs every day9 hen should give you 6 come 7 eggs every day10 hen should give you 7 come 8 eggs every day11 hens should provide you 8 eggs per day12 hen should provide you 9 eggs every day13 hen should give you 9 to 10 eggs every day14 hen should offer you 10 come 11 eggs per day15 hen should give you 11 eggs per day

There room many people who finish up with 15 eggs per day from 15 chickens, or also sometimes 16 every day indigenous 15 birds. If you have actually this sort of luck, GREAT! but it won’t last forever.

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The chickens will taper off and start developing less, and the median amount of egg they produce per day over a year time will certainly be miscellaneous closer to the above numbers.

You’ll require a hutch for your chickens. Something like this will job-related for a small flock: