Bearded dragons are among the most renowned pet species of lizards. They room docile in nature and also easy to treatment for – just a few of your admirable qualities. Having actually the correct environment for your bearded dragon will aid ensure that they remain happy and healthy throughout your lifetime.

One that the major environmental components that will affect your bearded dragon’s happiness and stress level is your tank size. The tank size for mustache dragon is extremely important and also can impact your dragon’s health.

Read ~ above for much more information native Dr. Jess, on the correct size tank for your pet.

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Bearded Dragon Basics:

Bearded dragons room funny tiny reptiles that are categorized right into the desert lizard classification – they prefer a warmth environment.

They autumn into the genus Pogona with eight different varieties falling under this grouping.

The eight species of mustache dragons, are differentiated from one another and also named for the differences in your spines on your chins and necks.

Bearded dragons get their surname from theirarmor the spiny scales, which incorporate a “beard” of spikes under its chin and neck the puffs up depending upon their mood, most commonly seen once puffed out once they are upset.

They do this come seem larger to every little thing is upsetting them.

This might be paired v a erry ‘hiss’ as soon as really upset.

Bearded dragons have actually teeth, lay eggs, and also have difficulties with eating and also not eating their foods. their foods.

They can live approximately 10 years and also can reach up to 24 inches long and weigh approximately 18 ounces once full grown. They range in colors indigenous brown, to orange, come yellow, to cream.

Beardies have actually a precise eye and an excellent sense the smell.

Bearded dragons are frequently referred to as “beardies”, are one of the an ext popular reptilian pets because of your cool, amazing exterior and their popularity being of low maintenance pets.


Bearded Dragon Sizes:

Bearded dragons prosper quickly compared to numerous other pets. Don’t be shocked if your small baby dragon suddenly demands a bigger tank in ~ a couple of months.

The rate that a moustache dragon grows will vary relying on their breed, your genetics, and their care management (including diet), yet usually you can expect to see your mustache dragon reach its full-grown mature dimension by approximately 16 to 18 month of age.

Adult bearded dragons can flourish up to 24 inches from head to tail. The being said, most pet beardies are between 18-22 inches long as full-grown adults, depending upon their breed.

What is a Vivarium?

A vivarium is usually an enclosed atmosphere to home reptiles in. It is the indistinguishable to an aquarium because that fish or a terrarium because that plants.

Typically a vivarium is do from glass (like an aquarium) or various other materials.

Vivarium Essentials:

Today, most beardies in captivity are bred and not lugged in native the wild.

The organic habitat of bearded dragons space the warm dry desert regions of Australia.

In stimulate to have actually a life full of being both happy and also healthy, bearded dragons need to be housed in an setting that’s as close to their herbal wild habitat as possible.

This method bearded dragons have a few non-negotiable demands that we must supply because that them:

Room come moveRange that temperaturesPlaces come hideItems to climbAreas to dig

Tank Options:

There are countless different sizes and styles the enclosures available for purchase for your bearded dragon. That is extremely vital to her bearded dragon’s health, that you obtain them a for sure tank, both in structure, size, and setup.

Tanks come in a range of different materials, prefer glass, PVC, melamine, and also other products for those DIY vivarium projects.

There are numerous pros and cons come each type of enclosure, ranging from price, weight, and also aesthetics.

Tanks are available with varying openings for accessibility to your pet. The best choice of opened is usually based on you and your pet’s an individual preferences.

One kind of opening is one aquarium style opening with access coming native the optimal of the tank.

Be aware that some bearded dragons are frightened by humans who reach right into the enclosure native above, due to the fact that in the wild, attacks often come from above them.

Other tanks have doors ~ above the front of the enclosure, which gives you easy access to feeding and also caring for her dragon.

Glass terrariums are really common vivariums because that bearded dragons and also what ns personally prefer to use. Simply be wary that part bearded dragons get upset if they view their reflections. So include a elevator to solve that potential issue.

Screen lids are my favorite form of secure lid, as they are an excellent for ventilation while still maintaining in several of the heat.

No issue what type of lid you end up walking with, make certain that the tank has a secure lid. Bearded dragons love climbing and exploring – right out of their tank if accessible.


Bearded Dragon Tank Sizes:

When it comes to having ​the ideal tank because that bearded dragons, you’re mainly going to desire to think about their age.

It is ideal to obtain the best size tank for each phase of your bearded dragon’s life.

The best tank size is at the very least 4 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet for an adult bearded dragon.

Young adults and also mature adults should have actually at a really minimum, a 55-120 gallon enclosure.

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Larger tanks will enable full-grown bearded dragons to totally turn about without bumping into the sides of your enclosure.

Always psychic – enlarge is much better when it concerns picking the end a tank because that an adult moustache dragon!

It’s vital to remember that some larger gallon tanks still aren’t broad enough, prefer the 55 gallon long tank the is only 48 x 13 x 21 inches, pictured below: