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Lightning Bolt

Zeus"s lightning bolt is the sole factor that Percy"s life it s okay turned upside down. That begins and ends the story. That represents total power and also the ideal to rule.

Poseidon"s Trident

This is the 3 pronged weapon (looks favor a harpoon with three prongs) the Percy"s actual father pipeline in his cabin. Percy views it as a symbol of his father"s presence.


The cabins at Camp Half-blood suggest whose father or mom was a god/goddess and that the child has been claimed. Over there is also a cabin where kids stay that haven"t been asserted yet, which renders for a an excellent deal the resentment.


This is a miracle ballpoint pen the turns right into a sword for Percy Jackson. The is a gift native his father.

Yankee"s Cap

Annabeth"s mother, Athena, has gifted her with a Yankee"s ballcap that will render she invisible. This...

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