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28 What is the occupation that the male who is to win by lightning top top the golf course and forever changed?

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29 in ~ the bar, Al asks D"Annunzio: "Hey ____, deserve to you make a Bull-Shot?" What incorrect name does Al use?

Answer: Sabu Gotta love D"Annunzio"s response: "Can you do a shoe smell?" FYI: a "bull-shot" is a particularly nasty concoction the vodka, beef bouillon, lemon, Tabasco and Worcestershire. Friend probably already know just how to do a shoes smell.
30 In one of the few "Caddyshack" scenes away from the country Club, we check out Chevy follow character, Ty Webb, romantic beautiful young Lacy Underall. In this incisive step we find out what of Ty"s Vietnam experience?

Answer: that didn"t go - he to be homosexual (or therefore he says). Ty remarks the he acquired most that his residence furnishings in Vietnam. Lacy incredulously replies: "YOU to be in the WAR?" Ty grasps his top thigh, bring away a couple of limping steps, and replies: "Nah...homo. Much much better now, though."This scene in reality does parallel Chase"s own avoidance that conscription in the Vietnam conflict. In a June 1988 "Playboy" interview (which I just read for the articles), follow recounted gift asked by his draft interviewer if he"d had actually homosexual experiences. Recalling an task later shown in "National Lampoon"s Vacation" (which most males would no "count" together homosexual, yet Chevy was clutching at straws), the answered yes. This resulted in further, guarded questions, significant by the lack of candor typical to the age. Follow was asked if he chosen men. Well, of course he liked guys - he was a man, after ~ all, and had no unhealthy self-loathing - for this reason he said yes. He to be then request if he favored women. Follow didn"t lied - he claimed yes. He was then asked - and also this is wherein it acquired tricky - if he preferred men better or women better. That reasoned to himself the he spent many of his time through men and that many of his close friends to be men, for this reason he replied that he liked guys better. Chevy chase was discreetly share 4F.
31 "Oh, this her wife, huh? A lover lady. Hey baby, you must"ve to be something prior to electricity."

Answer: Al Czervik Al comment on Mrs. Smails" apparent age at the dance in the clubhouse. The judge isn"t also pleased!

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Answer: Ted knight renowned quote exchange between Knight and Dangerfield: referee Smails: "I demand satisfaction." Al Czervik: "Yeah, fine I"ll tell friend what"s satisfying: CASH. I"ll shoot you 18 holes because that ten thousands bucks." judge Smails: "I can beat you with one good arm." Al Czervik: "Well, how about teams, then. I"ll take Ty here, and you deserve to have Dr. Frankenputz." Dr. Beeper: "I beg your pardon." Ty Webb: "Judge, Al, ns don"t play golf...for money...against people." quotes are according to"s memorable estimates section.