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By the great Horn Spoon! is a humorous tale of take trip by a twelve-year old boy called Jack Flagg and his butler, Praiseworthy. It takes them native Boston to the gold fields of California in 1849. Follow me the way, they accomplish with a range of setbacks that have the power...

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By the great Horn Spoon! is a humorous tale of travel by a twelve-year old boy named Jack Flagg and also his butler, Praiseworthy. That takes them indigenous Boston to the gold fields of California in 1849. Follow me the way, they satisfy with a range of setbacks that have actually the power to disrupt their key purpose in getting rich to aid with family finances. Yet each time, something unique happens to revolve their happy around. The expression “By the great horn spoon” is one exclamation used in this time period, comparable to “Wow!” or “Gosh!”

1 – “The Stowaways.” Jack and also Praiseworthy have actually stowed away on the Lady Wilma to sail native Boston to the gold areas near mountain Francisco, California. Before they deserve to board, however, they lose their delivery fare to a thief. They introduce themselves come Captain Joshua Swain, who seems more concerned through beating another ship, the Sea Raven, in a race approximately the continents. The two work off your fare by shoveling coal right into the furnace.

2 – “How to capture a Thief.” Jack to write a letter home to his Aunt Arabella and two sisters, Constance and also Sarah. Praiseworthy has actually a setup to capture the thief that stole your money. He says that at any time a guilty human touches a pig, she squeals. The passengers line up to touch the pig, who has been coated v coal dust. The human being with clean fingers that didn’t touch the pig is the thief. It turns out to be Cut-Eye Higgins. They acquire their money back. Jack name the little pig great Luck.

3 – “News that the Sea Raven.” The two now share a cabin v a few other passengers, including Dr. Buckbee and also Azariah Jones. Good Luck the pig follows Jack. Castle come upon an additional ship that requirements a tow for several days. Jack and Praiseworthy take it time to research the constellations. Castle hear that the Sea Raven is ahead of them.

4 – “The Pig Hunt.” Jack has to hide an excellent Luck in a lifeboat so that the chef won’t chef him. The ship lands at Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, and also everyone explores the city. As soon as they come earlier to the ship, they uncover that Cut-Eye Higgins is gone, having actually taken the life boat with an excellent Luck in it. That had additionally stolen the map come a gold mine native Dr. Buckbee.

5 – “Land that Fire.” The cruising is quite rough, in ~ the southernmost pointer of southern America. Praiseworthy had actually warned Jack come watch for the fires on the shores of Tierra del Fuego, but they hadn’t checked out them. The captain steered the ship v the Strait that Magellan instead of sailing around the Cape of an excellent Horn. The Lady Wilma overcome the Sea Raven as a result.

6 – “Spoiled Potatoes.” The Lady Wilma is running the end of water and fuel. That waits for wind to pick up that is sails. In the meantime, Azariah Jones’ barrels that potatoes room spoiling, and another masculine grape vines are drying up. Jack says that the vintner buy the potatoes and also stick the grape vines right into the potatoes because that moisture. This tactic works. The Sea Raven passes the Lady Wilma.

7 – “End that the Race.” The delivery docks in the significant seaport that Callao, Peru . Jack sends one more letter home. Cats come on board and also eventually have actually kittens. The Lady Wilma overcome the Sea Raven. Once they are someday away from mountain Francisco, the Sea Raven catches up. The Lady Wilma customs ahead together they come right into port. After 5 months and 15,000 miles, they have actually made the to san Francisco! Now, on come the yellow fields.

8 – “Saved by a Whisker.” Jack and Praiseworthy check in to the United states Hotel. Praiseworthy starts offering miners “free haircuts” in bespeak to collect gold dust and make cash for travel. That keeps the yellow dust in his left glove. They accomplish a miner called Quartz Jackson, that tells them they have to go come Hangtown.

9 – “The man in the Jipijapa Hat.” Jack and Praiseworthy sail come Sacramento, then take a stagecoach to obtain to the yellow fields. A guy sleeping top top the stagecoach transforms out to it is in Cut-Eye Higgins.

10 – “The Rogue Out-Rogued.” The stagecoach is stopped and also robbed. When one that the robbers wants to take Aunt Arabella’s portrait native Praiseworthy’s bag, the butler punches him and sends that sailing. Praiseworthy asks Cut-Eye Higgins because that the map the stole native Dr. Buckbee, and the thief claims that he kept it in the coat the the robbers took.

11 – “Jamoka Jack.” The two reach Hangtown and check in come the realm Hotel. Jack and Praiseworthy meet Pitch-pine Billy, who shows them exactly how to stake a claim and also to look because that gold. Billy offers Jack his very first drink of coffee and decides to contact him “Jamoka Jack.” Praiseworthy learns how to pan for gold v his umbrella.

12 – “Bullwhip.” when Jack and also Praiseworthy get back to town, part miners room waiting because that them. They had actually heard about the method Praiseworthy took treatment of the stagecoach robber. They desire to hear more of the story, and they nickname the “Bullwhip.”

13 – “A Bushel the Neckties.” Jack and also Praiseworthy get a letter native Dr. Buckbee. He states he will give them half ownership in his gold mine if they can find that map the the robbers stole indigenous Cut-Eye Higgins. Jack coincidentally wins a bushel that neckties in one auction. The miners desire Praiseworthy come fight a guy named hill Ox. The butler claims he can’t possibly carry out it until August 15th, after ~ he and Jack strike that rich. Quartz Jackson and his new bride come in Hangtown, and all the miners want to look great for the only lady in town. Jack and also Praiseworthy sell all of their neckties in ~ a profit.

14 – “The Prospectors.” Jack and also Praiseworthy purchase a burro called Stubb. Then leave Hangtown because that the yellow fields.

15 – “The guy Who can not Sit Down.” Jack and also Praiseworthy hear the Cut-Eye Higgins is posing together a dentist in Shirt-tail Camp. Jack goes hunting for game and also falls into a miner’s hole. The male who traction him out happens to be wearing the coat the Cut-Eye Higgins wore in the stagecoach. Jack holds the guy at gunpoint (sort of) and also demands the he offer him the coat, which that does. Praiseworthy slices open up the coat later and also finds no map. Cut-Eye Higgins should still have it.

16 – “The Gravediggers.” Jack and also Praiseworthy head because that Shirt-tail Camp to challenge Cut-Eye Higgins. As soon as they arrive, they discover that the thief has stolen so much from the miners that they are prepared to hang him. Higgins provides a deal with Jack and also Praiseworthy—the exchange that the map because that his release. Praiseworthy looks in ~ the map and realizes that it is worthless, together it points to well-worked Shirt-tail Camp. Still, he renders a speech that stops the hanging party native its mission. Jack and also Praiseworthy room assigned to destruction a hole six feet deep because that whenever Cut-Eye Higgins is at some point hanged and buried. They strike gold.

17 – “The Fifteenth the August.” After two weeks, the gold plays out. Jack and Praiseworthy have actually eleven heavy pouches of gold dust hanging on their belts. Castle head for Hangtown. In the boxing match, Praiseworthy beats hill Ox with his book-knowledge of boxing strategy, not by strength.

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18 – “Arrived in ~ the long Wharf.” Jack and also Praiseworthy travel back to Sacramento and also then take a delivery to san Francisco. They are nearly there once the steamboat blows up. Both room thrown right into the water, and both have to unbuckle their belts in order come swim and reach the surface. Their pouches of gold sink into the bay. They watch the Lady Wilma in port, but no one is ~ above board other than for the cats. They fulfill Azariah Jones, who has now end up being an auctioneer. He says that the stores every have problems with rats. Jack and also Praiseworthy collect and auction off the cats from the Lady Wilma and also make $400. They room thinking around sailing back to Boston once they room surprised to accomplish Aunt Arabella, Constance and Sarah on the wharf. Every agree to do California their new home, especially after Praiseworthy asks Arabella come marry him, and also she claims yes.