We’ll never discredit the bliss of washing under a watercraft of wings through a beer, however there’s more to Buffalo Wild Wings’ than lagers, ales, and also stouts. It might be lacking that classy martini bar vibe, however B-Dubs makes up for it in its choice of drinks from wine come margaritas and also mojitos. 

Whether you’re amongst a team of rowdy football fans, family, or hangry friends, there’s a novel-length drink menu at every table ready to take the edge off at your command. Take a look in ~ these height 10 Buffalo Wing wing drinks prior to you bespeak the very same ale because that the hundredth time. 

Primo Margarita

Expectations for the Primo Margarita room high from the get-go, declare Patron Silver and Cointreau as key ingredients in this top-selling drink. Most chain restaurants’ drinks space either also sweet or also weak, tasting prefer the virgin variation of the order. However, Buffalo Wild wings manages come whip up a nearly-perfect, authentic tasting concoction.

Main Ingredients: Patron Silver, Patron Citronge, Margarita Mix, Limes


Apple Martini

Shaken, not stirred, please. The to apologize Martini is among those drink that tastes an ext like candy 보다 alcohol if you’re into that type of thing. The cake flavor is how amazing refreshing after a boat of Blazin’ wings. 

Main Ingredients: Absolut Citron, apple Pucker

Wild Berry Margarita

Start off happy hour appropriate with a little Mexican flair by pairing this fruity drink v the Chili Queso dip (or any type of of the mouth-watering apps, for the matter). The blackberry, blueberry, and cherry seasonings spiced up v a absent of tequila tastes prefer you’re on the beach, also if you’re smack dab in the middle of the Midwest. 

Main Ingredients: Sauza Hornitos, Cointreau

Strawberry kick Coronarita

People usually order the Strawberry kick Coronarita v some sports of the following: “I want that drink with the upside-down beer in it.” 

This beer-cocktail seems like a stomach pains waiting come happen, but it’s wildly popular among all the B-Dubs locations and also is by far the most Instagrammed drink ~ above the menu. 

Main Ingredients: Hornitos, Cointreau, Lime Sour, Strawberry, Coronarita 

Black Cherry Mojito

Even if girlfriend don’t prefer a consistent mojito, chances are you’ll fall in love v this refresh cocktail. The end of the three mojitos on the menu, the black color Cherry is by far the crowd favorite. 

Main Ingredients: Cruzan black Cherry Rum, Mojito Mix, society Soda, Topped with Cherry

Jack & Coke

The classic Jack and also Coke earned its rightful ar under the “Hall of reputation Highballs” ar of the drink menu. We all know, even if that wasn’t detailed on the menu, it would certainly still be among the top-selling drinks among B-Dubs regulars. 

Main Ingredients: Jack and Coke, duh. 

Top Shelf long Island Iced Tea

Word the warning: this is no your grandma’s sweet iced tea. In fact, there’s shockingly not a fall of iced tea in it since it sure does taste like it. But, there are four species of liquor and some serious sugary mixers, so go easy on this one. 

Main Ingredients: Smirnoff Vodka, Bacardi Rum, Beefeater Gin, and Jose Cuervo yellow Tequila, Patron Cintronge, Coke

Jack black Raspberry Lemonade

This adult lemonade isn’t easily accessible at every B-Dubs location, however it’ll make you rethink just how you’re drinking your whiskey. Let’s just say it provides downing the smoky liquor a tiny too easy. 

Main Ingredients: Jack Daniel Black, Chambord, FC Sweet and Sour, Sprite


If a Hurricane sounds dangerous, it’s because it is. This is the B-Dubs variation of a tequila sunrise, oozing orange and also pineapple spices that so perfect mask the taste that alcohol. 

Main Ingredients: Bacardi Rum, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, and Grenadine

Wild Bloody Mary

Wings and also a Wild Bloody mary sound prefer a stomach bomb in the making, but it’s a threat worth taking if girlfriend ask us. It’s among those drink orders the prompts odd watch from your friends, however they’ll easily shut up as soon as you sell them a taste. It has just the right amount of spice and puts homemade Bloody Marys come shame. 

Plus, the comes through snacks, so friend can’t yes, really get better than that. 

Main Ingredients: FC bloody mary mix and Absolut Peppar. 

Additional Buffalo Wild wings Drinks

Not a cocktail fan, or can’t stand the believed of notified anything other than a beer? Buffalo Wild wings prides themselves on your never-ending perform of local and also imported beers, lagers, and ales. And if a hundred choices aren’t enough for you, each place introduces brand-new beers and also specials to the food selection consistently.

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The drink menu also offers non-alcoholic selections like coffee, soft drinks, iced tea (not the long Island kind), limeades, and also lemonades. In other words, you have actually plenty of choices to calm your burning taste buds after trying those wings the were just a small too hot.