So newly my tailgate home window will no much longer go down. If it's with the vital on the tailgate or the button on the dashboard nothing happens. Over there is no sound from the motor or anything at all. Where could I start? Please school is virtually over and I wish to be able to put things in the back.

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I just replaced the motor in my 95. Go to progressed Auto Parts and also the engine was choose 40 bucks. Hardest part is pushing the home window down. Luckily my motor wasn't holding at all so I simply pushed that down

I have posted about this concern before. Ns tested the motor first. Over there is a connection for the motor easily accessible under the tailgate cover. Supply 12 volts and also see if the motor moves. Be certain to assistance the glass the the tailgate is down. Mine motor was good. Ns then went v every link in the tailgate and also took personally the front switch and polished and cleaned the contacts. In the tailgate some connections were really corroded. After cleaning it began working again. The front move in the dash to be in turbulent shape. If the front move isn't functioning the key switch will certainly not occupational either i believe.

Test the motor first. Eliminate the panel on the tailgate and also get a battery and some wires and just touch the point out (you may need to disclose some wires). That will tell friend if the problem is the motor. If not, it may be the wiring come the motor, or the switch. The vital switch not functioning is a common issue, and also I have to replace the dash move on mine 93 because it no longer connects. Experimentation the dash switch is less complicated (in my opinion) because it's simple to access.

Did the window have problem going up or down, was slow or caught?

Or did you have to press difficult or in a specific spot on the move to obtain it come move?

If the former, perhaps the motor. If the latter, check the switch.

Is the door shut every the way? i went through the ache of instead of the whole motor and wiring assembly and also as it turns out if the door isn't slammed shut and also totally latched that won't allow the circuit come complete. Most likely worth throwing some WD-40 into the latch and also slamming it simply for straightforward test.

I'm dreading this. Seems like ever before year the window functions a small slower. I've had these youtube videos bookmarked for a while.

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TitleBronco rear home window repair
DescriptionThe rear window on mine 1995 Ford Bronco gets stuck walk down. So I obtained some parts that could fix the problem.

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