This mainly in science we will be preparing because that our final science test over our an are Unit: class 1,2, and 4 this Wednesday June 7th.

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college student will have study guides in their notebooks the will aid them in this endeavor.

Week 35 (May 29- June 1)

This main in science we are continuing our research study on the planets in our solar system.

Week 34 (May 21- might 25)

This mainly in science we will finish up learning around moon phases and start looking at the planets in our solar system.

Week 33 (May 14- might 18)


This week in science we will learn about the moon in lesson 2: What space Moon Phases? college student will require to obtain a parent signature top top their science quiz from last week. HW: mind Check Pages 323-324.

Science fair Videos space on Mr. Jon’s Youtube Channel! Go examine them out below at this link!! Mr. Jon’s Youtube Channel

Moon step Calendar

Bill Nye- The Moon

Week 32 (May 7- might 11)

This main in Science, we will certainly conclude great 1 v a quiz ~ above Wednesday. Students have to study using their combination books and the great review guide passed the end last week.

Week 31 (May 2- may 4) This week in science we will certainly be continuing Unit 6: planet and an are Lesson 1: exactly how Do the Sun, Earth, and also Moon Interact? HW: mind Check page 309

Bill Nye- an are Exploration

Bill Nye- The Moon

Week 30 (April 23- April 27)Welcome on the back! This mainly in scientific research we will certainly be beginning Unit 6: planet and an are Lesson 1: how Do the Sun, Earth, and also Moon Interact?

Tuesday- No school

Bill Nye- space Exploration

Bill Nye- The Moon

Week 29 (April 9- April 13)

One much more week! thank you all for all the difficult work excellent in the past few weeks with science Fair. The students did a exorbitant job! Videos and pictures will be post shortly throughout this week. This mainly in science we will be easing into Spring break by reflecting about the science Fair and doing a fun science task on Thursday. Science tests will be offered out ~ above Monday and also will should been seen and signed through parents and also returned to college on Tuesday because that HW credit.

Lesson 1: Reviewing and correcting scientific research tests.

Lesson 2: scientific research Fair Reflections

Lesson 3: scientific research Activity

Week 28 (April 2- April 6)

SCIENCE same TUESDAY! (moved from Monday)

This main we space concluding what has been and also exciting previous month that experimentation and inquiry. Students will existing on Tuesday from 9:00-10:30 come a panel of judges and also their peers. Dress code for gentlemen will certainly be black color or blue slacks, button up shirt, and also tie. Because that ladies, a nice dress or skirt. 

Science Test end Unit 4: class 1,2 4, and also 5 is April 5th. Students will evaluation in class this week and also will have actually handouts in their science notebook that will assist them in studying at home. Don’t forget the the Science fusion textbook is great source for your chid to evaluation previous lessons.

Thursday April 6, is a funny day for all students, pre-k-Grade 12, native 9:00-1:30. In ~ 1:30 p.m the students will certainly report come classes to get their progress reports and dismiss come go house at 1:55. Busses will leave at 2:10.

Week 27 (March 26- march 30)

Science Fair final Week! Students space responsible for the complying with task to get done this week:

Final typed drafts early out of sections 1-8 (be sure to save the typed/computer written record on a flash journey on your computer)

Week 26 (March 19- march 23)

Science fair Countdown- 16 days. Job-related days in college left- 10 days. the is vital for college student to monitor the scientific research fair due days in the packet this week to it is in on track. If girlfriend would favor to have your very own packet, check out the connect below. Because the science fair occupational will it is in done mainly at school, ns will have HW because that students to evaluation Unit 4 in preparation for their test on the 29th. I apologize because that this extra work but we have to have a check grade in ready for progression reports. Thank you for her extra effort throughout this time that year, it is significantly appreciated!

Upcoming Events:

Wednesday, in march 29th- Test over Unit 4: Ecosystems- Postponed till April 5th

Science same Packet 2017

Week 25 (March 12- march 16)

This main in Science, students will certainly take one great in their Science combination books and also devote the rest of the mainly to functioning on their science fair projects. You re welcome be check in with them around their topic and what materials they have to be bringing come school. Students, must have actually supplies ready to test their experiments on Tuesday and Wednesday to obtain a classwork grades. 

Kindly discover the schedule because that the Arabic / MOE / religious beliefs midterms qualities 3-5 as follows:

Lastly, Thursday in no school! have actually a good day!!

Week 24 (March 5- march 9)

This main in Science, students will be working in their Science blend textbooks for two lessons on Sunday and also Monday and also on the science Fair for two lessons Wednesday and Thursday. Students have actually been placed into groups last week and also started researching because that ideas. Each team must have actually their object selected no later than Wednesday, march 8th. 

Mr. Jon will be guiding college student through projects at school. Students are allowed come use modern technology at college to be used for the task by teacher discretion. Students might work on projects exterior of school but are not required to as there will certainly be time provided in school. Remember: This is a student scientific research Fair, no parent science Fair. Job-related that is no student made will not be judged.

Lessons 1&2: complete Lessons 4: What Are organic Resources? and 5: how Do People affect Ecosystems? HW: mind Check 231-232.

Lessons 3&4: begin gathering sources for experiment, test experiment, begin poster board architecture plans. ***The bulk of science Fair job-related will be completed at school. The is the obligation of students to carry supplies and also materials to college on occupational days. Failure to carry out so will an outcome in a loss of classwork grades, beneficial time and progress. Students who don’t perform their part, forget their materials, fight, or mess around in the job are liable to receiving a reduced grade than their partners.***

Week 23 (February 26- march 2)

First off, great job v the ecosystem projects, they were terrific and the students did a great job presenting castle in class. This week, we will certainly be functioning on 2 things. One is lesson 4: What are natural Resources and secondly, the scientific research fair! Students will certainly be very closely placed right into their science fair groups by the end of the week and will begin researching possible science fair experiments making use of books and also online resources. Continue to be tuned for an ext information.

Week 22 (February 19- February 23)

Thank you to the parents that attended the Parent/teacher Conferences! Mr. Jon will certainly be absent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday but students will have plenty to carry out while that is away. Students will construct one ecosystem representing a food web using a shoebox and also other household materials. These will certainly be due on Thursday, February 23rd. There will additionally be a 10 allude quiz over Lesson 2: What room Food Chains? on Thursday, February 23rd. See below examples that ecosystems and the rubric college student will receive to execute their project.





Week 21 (February 12- February 16)

Mr. Jon will certainly be absent this week from Sunday to Wednesday, college student will finish a life scientific research packet that will certainly be early out on the 15th. Parent/Teacher conference will be this Thursday the 16th, below you will uncover the link to the sign up whereby you can choose a time to accomplish with me. Thanks!

Parent/Teacher Conference sign Up

Week 20 (February 5- February 9)

This an initial week of second semester in Science, we will proceed to study Unit 4: Energy and also Ecosystems. Ns would also like to include that this semester, college student will have many methods to experience ar trips that will enrich their understanding of society Studies and Science. Please check the blog weekly and also Classcraft because that announcements concerning these activities.

Speaking that Classcraft…Please gain logged into it as quickly as possible as I will no longer will be using classdojo with the students. There is a parent code on the student paper passed the end last week the will guide you and also your kid to logging in. Examine out these resources to learn much more about Classcraft!


Creating a parental account video

Parent App and also Messaging

Lesson 1: What space food chains? CW: Pages 189-193

Lesson 2: What are food chains? CW: Pages 193-199

Lesson 3: What space food chains? CW: Digital lesson HW: mind Check Pages 201-204 

Lesson 4: “Magic college Bus gets Eaten” CW: video clip guide

Week 19 (January 29- February 2)

We do it! throughout this last, brief week the semester 1, student will have to only send their animal reports on Monday, January 30th. Below is the schedule for once buses leave due to the exams in the middle and high school. Say thanks to you for all your support this an initial semester!!!

Sunday 29th – 12:15

Monday 30th – 12:15 ( animal Report due)

Tuesday 31st – 10:15

Wednesday first – 11:45

Thursday – No school!

Week 18 (January 22- January 26)

This short week in science we will certainly conclude Lesson 1: What room Populations, Habitats, and also Niches and start an animal report that students will begin in class and also finish end the long weekend.

Lesson 1: Wrap up the lesson- CW: mind Check pages 186- 188

Lesson 2: pet Report- CW: read through the report packet to inspect for understanding

Animal Report paper ->animal-report Due Monday, January 30th.

Week 17 (January 15- January 19)

This mainly in scientific research we will begin Unit 4: Energy and also Ecosystems through lesson 1: What room Populations, Habitats, and also Niches. There will certainly be no finish of semester test for Science, fairly a quiz after every lesson we cover and a project.

Lesson 1: What room Populations, Habitats, and also Niches? CW: Pages 173-183

Lesson 2: What space Populations, Habitats, and also Niches? CW: interactive Lesson

Lesson 3: Magic institution Bus- Hops home CW: Complete video guide around habitats. HW: brain Check page 185

Lesson 4: Wrap increase the lesson- CW: brain Check pages 186- 188

Week 16 (January 8- January 12)

Happy brand-new Year! Welcome ago to school. I hope you had actually a fantastic break and also a possibility to recharge your batteries. January is all around wrapping up semester 1 so ns hope you are ready to get back into the groove that things. This first week ago will be basic as there room Arabic and MOE midterms taking place. Please make certain to bring ago your science Unit Test with a parent signature by Tuesday, January 10th. This mainly in scientific research we will execute a classdojo activity to reflect top top 2016 and also then find out a strategy to aid us set huge goals because that the remainder of the year. Ns am excited to be earlier and ns hope you room too!

Class Dojo enjoy Activity

Kid President- brand-new Year’s Resolutions

Week 15 (December 18- December 22)

This quick week in scientific research we will be enjoying activities focused on Plants and also Animals. College student will have no brand-new lessons or homework regarding prepare for their Winter Concert. Have actually a exorbitant break and also safe travels!

Week 14 (December 11- December 15)

This quick week in scientific research we will be reviewing for the Unit 3: Plants and also Animals check on Thursday, December 15th. *** Test moved to Thursday come allow an ext time to testimonial in class, as result of shortened week***

Lesson 1: plunder up and review great 5: how Are life Things adjusted to your Environment.

Lesson 2: Unit 3 testimonial on pages 167-170. y.

Lesson 3: Unit 3 Test

The best means to review for the Unit test at house is to:

1. Reread the lessons (once to refresh her memory)

2. Testimonial the vocabulary

3. Evaluation all worksheets and quizzes (to understand and also correct mistakes).

Week 13 (December 4- December 8)

This main in scientific research our goal is to complete class 4: how Do pets Reproduce? and also Lesson 5: just how Are living Things adjusted to your Environment? Students must be able to accessibility additional Science resources on Think central with the username and also password they obtained in math. ***On one more note, please help me reinforce to your child that homework that is incomplete or completed in negative quality will not it is in accepted and also will receive no grade. As we gain closer come the holiday break, that is really important because that them come be urged at home to work hard and stay concentrated for this last few weeks. Say thanks to you!

How Do pets Reproduce?

Lesson 1: Life in complete Circle CW: Pages 135- 141

Lesson 2: The Metamorphic Life CW: Pages 142- 146

How are Living Things adapted to their Environment?

Lesson 3: Life on the Blue Planet CW: Pages 151- 157 HW: mind Check pages 147-148

Lesson 4: Who deserve to Take the Heat? CW: Magic institution Bus- all Dried Up; Pages 158-161

There will certainly be a Unit Test over Plants and Animals top top Wednesday, December 14th.***Changed come the 15th.

The best method to evaluation for the Unit check is to:

1. Reread the lessons (once come refresh her memory)

2. Testimonial the vocabulary

3. Review all worksheets and also quizzes (to understand and also correct mistakes).

Week 12 (November 27- December 1)

This week in science we will certainly be compare the rate of germination that different varieties of seeds. There will certainly be a quiz end Lesson 2: how Do plants Reproduce top top Wednesday November 31st. Student can study using course notes and their Science combination textbook.

Lesson 1: Digital Lab-How deserve to We watch a Plant’s Life Cycle? CW: Pages 133-134

Lesson 2: Digital Lab-How deserve to We observe a Plant’s Life Cycle? CW: Pages 133-134

Lesson 3: Quiz- Lesson 2: exactly how Do tree Reproduce HW: TBD

Week 11 (November 20- November 24)

This mainly in science we will proceed our job-related in class 2: how Do tree Reproduce? Students must make sure they have their clay, colors, scissors, and also glue in class everyday in bespeak to be prepared. No college on Thursday because of Thanksgiving! have actually a good short week and also a restful lengthy weekend!! Plant examine Jams

Lesson 1: The strength of Pollen CW: Pages 122- 127

Lesson 2: seed on the move CW: tree Crossword puzzle

Lesson 3: evaluation CW: sum It Up! & Clay tree Models HW: brain Check pages 129-132

Parts that a Flower Video

Week 10 (November 13- November 17)

This main in scientific research we will certainly conclude class 1: What are Some plant Structures? and begin learning exactly how plants reproduce in great 2: how Do tree Reproduce?. There will be a short quiz end lesson 1 on Wednesday November 16th. Student can study using class notes and science fusion books.

Please usage the hyperlink below to sign up for the parent-teacher meeting with Mr. Jon and Mr. Shady top top the 17th that November. As soon as you’ve clicked the link, you will certainly be redirected come an external website ~ above which girlfriend can pick your desirable meeting time native the obtainable 20-minute slots. Thanks for your cooperation.

Lesson 1: Magic school Bus: it s okay Planted

Lesson 2: exactly how Do tree Reproduce? CW: Pages 117-119

Lesson 3: Quiz, CW: Pages 120-121

Plant examine Jams

Week 9 (November 6- November 10)

This mainly in Science, we will resume science poetry for the an initial lesson, then begin with Unit 3: Plants and also Animals class 1: What are Some tree Structures?

Lesson 1: scientific research Acrostic Poem- last Draft HW early : Acrostic city using the word “ENGINEERING” HW: parent Signature on scientific research Test

Lesson 2: Vascular vs. Nonvascular Plants CW: Pages 104-110, compare and contrast vascular and also nonvascular plants.

Lesson 3: What is photosynthesis? CW: amount It Up! HW: mind Check Pages 113-114

Lesson 4: Magic school Bus: gets Planted

Week 8 (October 30- November 3)

This mainly in Science, us will have our first test top top Wednesday, November 2nd. This test will be over the following content:

Unit: 1, lesson 1: What carry out Scientists Do?Unit: 1, lesson 2: What an abilities Do researchers Use?Unit: 2, class 1: What Is one Engineering design Process?

The best method to review for the test is to:

1. Reread the great (once to refresh her memory)

2. Review the vocabulary

3. Review all worksheets and also quizzes (to understand and correct mistakes).

Lesson 1: check notebooks and also textbooks come make sure they room updated.

Lesson 2: Whole class test review

Lesson 3: Test

Lesson 4: scientific research Poetry Activity, HW: Acrostic poem using the word “ENGINEERING”

Week 7 (October 23-October 27)

This main we will officially start out Quarter 1 Project: Egg Apparatus. Last main students brainstormed v their partners about what materials they will usage for your apparatus.(Project: produce an apparatus the will safeguard an egg native a autumn of 2 meters.) This week, castle we use those products to draft a style plan, create and also test a prototype, and finalize a product. Besides lug in your materials, number of students from each class have volunteered to carry in hardboiled eggs for our prototype testing. In ~ most, volunteering students were asked to carry in 5-10 eggs. All job-related for this project will be completed in class.Students space not forced to meet exterior of school for this project.

Lesson 1: breeze a design plan, develop a prototype, check the prototype, do observation, and also record data. CW: page 77

Lesson 2: talk about ways to make observations and also organize data. Do improvements, and test her prototype.(Challenge- Increase elevation of drop come 3m). CW: page 78

Lesson 3: last product. Create poster including architecture plan, prototype images, observations and data after each test, and also final product specs. HW:TBD

Lesson 4: Egg device Challenge- develop an apparatus that can safeguard an egg indigenous a 6-10 meter drop.

Week 6 (October 16-October 20)

This week we will certainly be beginning Unit 2: The design Process. Students will be learning exactly how to use the design procedure to develop a solution to a problem. This Thursday, students will certainly be working in teams to architecture an apparatus the will safeguard an egg that will be dropped from a height of 2 meters!

Lesson 1: invoice Nye Video- development to Inventions. Mr. Jon’s Youtube Page Check out the science Videos Playlist to watch all the videos used in course this year.

Lesson 2: What Is one Engineering design Process? Pages 63- 71. CW: Read and complete energetic reading prompts.

Lesson 3: What Is an Engineering style Process? CW: sum It Up! HW: mind Check

Lesson 4: How deserve to You style a solution to a Problem? Pages 77. Brainstorm v teammate to architecture your apparatus. HW: collect the sources that you’ll need for her apparatus from home and bring castle to course on Sunday October 23.

Week 5 (October 9-October 13)

Last week we were unable to begin Lesson 2, for this reason we will certainly cover the this week. Students are expected to have actually read it already and be able to discuss it in class. Student must have the ability to explain the inquiry an abilities of the lesson and how they usage them in everyday life.

Lesson 1: Check for understanding in class 2, pages 17-23 CW: web page 24 amount It Up!

Lesson 2: use our knowledge. CW: create a poster the defines and models an inspection skill.

Lesson 3: Quiz- student must have the ability to explain/identify all 9 inquiry skills in lesson 2 by matching each skill to one image, definition, or demonstration indigenous the teacher. (Example: Teacher using a leader to measure a string. Correct Skill- Measure) HW: choose 3 inquiry an abilities and write 3 paragraphs around them and how you usage them in daily life. Complete in science Notebook.

Lesson 4: Lab- students will work-related within stations to usage each inquiry skill with a set of everyday objects. 

Week 4 (October 3-October 5)

This quick week in science we will be reviewing the great 1 quiz, the town hall a invoice Nye video centered approximately scientific evidence, and working in great 2: What skills Do researchers Use?

Lesson 1: evaluation Lesson 1 quiz outcomes from critical week. Inspect for expertise in great 2, pages 17-23 CW: web page 24 amount It Up!

Lesson 2: Bill Nye- Pseudoscience CW: finish Bill Nye video Review

Lesson 3: proceed work on class 2. CW: page 25 Wordplay HW: Halloween Senses

Week 3 (September 25-September 29)

This main in scientific research we will be finishing class 1: What do Scientists Do? and will have actually a quiz over it on Wednesday September 28th. Students have to review lesson vocabulary, note we absorbed our textbook last week, and the measures of the scientific method. 

Lesson 1: Prove it! scientists use proof to support their conclusions. CW: Pages 12-13 Wrap increase the spin-a-copter activity. 

Lesson 2: What does that mean? Vocabulary lesson. CW: sum It Up! page 14, create vocabulary cards to research for class 1.

Lesson 3: Quiz- class 1 vocabulary, big ideas, and also the clinical method. HW: Read class 2. **Parent signature paper to go residence Thursday, needs to be went back by next Monday October 3rd signed because that credit.

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Lesson 4: bill Nye- Pseudoscience CW: complete Bill Nye video Review

Mr. Jon’s course Youtube Channel

*** Thursday, September 29th- students obtain dismissed
11:45 am. *** Sunday, October 2nd- no school***Thursday, October 6th- no school***

Week 2 (September 18-September 22)

This week in Science we have started Unit 1: Studying science Lesson 1: What perform Scientists Do? students have appreciated using their brand-new interactive textbooks and are an extremely engaged in lessons. We space off to a an excellent start this year!

Lesson 1: Brainstorming: What carry out Scientists do? scientists make observations and ask questions. CW: Pages 3-5

Lesson 2: working on our Science Notebooks, writing and discussing the big Idea because that the unit. CW: Pages 5-7

Lesson 3: Discussion: researchers conduct experiments and other type of investigations. Researchers share their outcomes as evidence. CW: Pages 8-13 HW: Textbook page 15

Lesson 4: Spin-a-Copter Activity

***Reminder: All supplies are required in class everyday in order come receive full marks. Attached listed below are the rubrics for exactly how I will certainly be grading daily participation and student copybooks. Student have actually been given these rubrics throughout the an initial week of school

copybook-rubric-2016 participation-rubric

Thursday September 1 (Weekend Update)

Welcome Back!

Hello, and also welcome back to another exciting college year at global Paradigm School. My name is Mr. Jon, and I will be her student’s class 4 Science and Social research studies teacher! It truly is an honor and a privilege to obtain to job-related with all of you, and I look forward to help your children grow and also engage in the finding out process.

As the weekend is on its way, we want to wish you every a happy an initial week of school! just a reminder: