How can I stop a bird from playing on mine car and also leaving the crap all over?April 6, 2006 4:35 pm Subscribe

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ns park my automobile outside the garage and also a pair weeks ago, I suddenly noticed a veritable waterfall that bird droppings along both sides of both our cars. A couple of days ago, ns was functioning in the garage and witnessed the culprit: it shows up to be a robin (brown feathers, orange breast) that paris from our fence or lawn, up to perch on the next mirror. The looks at chin in the mirror and dances about on the perch for long periods the time, eventually leaving droppings all down the next of my car.I"ve been washing my automobile every 4-5 days because this started because there is so lot bird poop ~ above the next mirrors it deserve to be attention to drive (I can"t watch who is behind me and to the sides). Yesterday I got it washed totally clean just to find my vehicle door fully covered in poop this morning, worse 보다 it ever has been. It"s obtaining really frustrating and old, so I"m wondering what come do about it.Should i setup a unauthorized decoy mirror in my front yard somewhere the the bird can play with? need to I execute something to scare the bird away? must I offer up and clean the end the garage and also park in there or park under the street somewhere?
Maybe covering the mirror v a plastic sac or something because that a few days, till the bird forgets around it?posted by Malor in ~ 4:38 afternoon on April 6, 2006
Do her mirrors wrinkles in? most cars this days have actually mirrors that fold in flat versus the car.posted through Thorzdad in ~ 4:47 afternoon on April 6, 2006
Response by poster: The mirrors just fold in part way. I tried the last night after washing my car and it didn"t work.I mean I could shot putting a sock over the mirrors.posted by mathowie in ~ 4:48 pm on April 6, 2006
My friend had actually this exact same problem. I argued he cover his mirrors with plastic bags when he gets home.posted by delmoi at 4:53 afternoon on April 6, 2006
If you wanted to go the quick and also cruel route, leave a invited mousetrap top top the mirrorposted by blue_beetle at 4:54 afternoon on April 6, 2006
A vehicle in my community had that problem. The turned the end to be a stunner territorial masculine robin the spent fifty percent the work trying come scare turn off his reflection.posted through MonkeySaltedNuts at 4:57 pm on April 6, 2006
This occurred to me several years ago. I fixed my trouble by parking half a block further down the street. The bird in question found a brand-new car to accounting his time, and also I stopped having actually to wash mine every other day.posted by Eddie Mars at 5:33 pm on April 6, 2006
Battling versus birds is all fun & games... Until they bring their many, plenty of friends come poop on all sides of her car. Clean the garage and also park happily inside.posted by sluggo in ~ 5:35 pm on April 6, 2006
Found a pretty interesting site for a firm called "Bird-B-Gone" the looks to have a pretty an extensive assortment of mechanical, chemical, electrical, and optical bird repellents.Very few of lock look choose they"d cover her situation... Yet it"s precious a look.(or you could just go for an opulent level that James Bond type overkill and outfit your auto with a "Bird Chase" Laser, Spike Strips, "Shock Track", Ultrasonic Sound Deterrent, "Bird Spider", Transparent, Bird-Repelling Gel, and Animatronic Scarecrow)posted by cadastral at 5:42 pm on April 6, 2006
I"d put a bird-of-prey paper cutout top top the radio antenna, if this to be the 1970"s, however I guess car don"t have external whip antennas anymore. Maybe on the within of the window? It functions for home/office windows, yet not sure if that would execute the cheat here.posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 5:55 pm on April 6, 2006
I suppose I could try putting a sock over the mirrors.posted by mathowie in ~ 4:48 afternoon PST top top April 6Yeah, you pretty much answered your own question. The bird isn"t yes, really interested in the winter as any kind of sort that perch: it"s the sweet sweet reflection, so any kind of opaque covering will cause him come forget about it ~ a job or 2 at most. A amount say or plastic bag and a rubber band room all girlfriend need.posted by Optimus Chyme in ~ 6:03 pm on April 6, 2006
Cut a item of cardboard so you have the right to wedge it in and cover increase the mirror. Or also a piece of paper stuck ~ above the mirror through some "fun-tak" or tape and the created memo "I am not a various bird."posted by user92371 in ~ 6:07 afternoon on April 6, 2006
"b b gun?""This is America. Buy a gun and kill the sucker."Especially if you choose dents and paint chips end bird-shit.And good luck hitting a robin through a bb gun.posted through mullacc at 6:31 pm on April 6, 2006
You just have to describe to the bird the it sick from mirrored self-misidentification.However, the robin might be incredulous.In that case, yeah, you could cover your mirrors whenever you park. But as you suggest, it"d be less complicated to put a bigger, shinier winter somewhere else.posted by booksandlibretti in ~ 6:51 pm on April 6, 2006
(mumble) years back I worked for Tektronix in ~ what to be then well-known as the "Walker Road" facility. That was 2 buildings linked by a extended walkway which had a clean plastic wall surface running down one side, to protect people against the wind and also the rain.It also collected a rather huge collection that dead bird which the facilities world had to collect and also dispose of on a consistent basis. The bird tried come swoop under the walkway and bashed your brains out against the clean plastic wall.Tek finished up placing black decals the looked favor hawks stooping on every other clear panel, and after that there to be no an ext dead birds on the ground.The visual perception mechanism of many birds isn"t the sophisticated; the doesn"t take lot to silly them. This decals were two dimensional and weren"t in color, but they were great enough, particularly from a distance. Pretty lot anything the looks like a bird of prey will certainly make smaller birds remain the hell away.Glibhamdreck is right: buy something that looks favor an owl and leave the standing top top the prior dashboard of your car when you"re not in it. That robin won"t come near your car. (But it does have to look at the very least somewhat realistic; we"re no talking plush toy.)Or a pair of duplicates of a snapshot of a hawk, 50-100% of life size, perched in the windows on both sides would probably work, too.By the way, favor as not this won"t keep happening even if you perform nothing. Right now it"s the "competing for territory" time the the year for male birds. In a month or therefore they"ll all be worked out in and also will have far better things come do, choose wooing females and collecting food for chicks.posted through Steven C. Den Beste at 7:32 afternoon on April 6, 2006
Birds perform not, apparently, like the smell of floor sulfur. Probably if you used some on the lawn close to your car, or placed some in pots strategically placed around your car, that can keep the bird away.posted by Effigy2000 in ~ 7:59 pm on April 6, 2006
Sprinkle a most rice in the vicinity of her car. Greedy robin gobbles it all up, rice broadens in the tummy, ruptures its organs, and also you litter it into the garbage can.Be sure to clean increase the continuing to be rice, for this reason as not to lure more pests.posted by Alvy Ampersand in ~ 8:37 afternoon on April 6, 2006
And good luck hitting a robin v a bb gun.
It"s only $400, it"s a pneumatic rifle, and you won"t miss. That"s an inelegant solution, however. I prefer the amount say over the winter fix.posted by craniac at 9:13 afternoon on April 6, 2006
rice expands in its tummy, ruptures its organs,"It"s a myth. There is no factor why birds, including small songbirds, can"t eat rice," stated Ned Johnson, a professor that biology at Berkeley that lectures commonly on the food and feeding the birds.posted by mikepop at 9:17 afternoon on April 6, 2006
I had the same problem years ago. Socks walk the trick. It"s a ar thing. I"ve never had the trouble since. Most birds don"t discover the reflection, ns guess.posted by weapons-grade pandemonium at 9:44 afternoon on April 6, 2006
It"s an annual event in ~ our house. This has been going on because that the last three weeks. The robins have actually been using the sideview mirrors together a perch when they work-related on a shrub full the berries near the sidewalk. The berries room soft this time that the year and the robins space stripping them. It makes for a most seedy poop top top our auto doors.posted through laptop_lizard in ~ 10:00 afternoon on April 6, 2006
Things can be worse: you might live in wine country (an outline of general bird control techniques). Consider four and also twenty redbirds baked in a pan:Actually, dick Erath of Erath Vineyards Winery in Dundee, Oregon when tried the kill-the-birds method. Year ago, Erath hired part local youngsters to shoot the birds. Erath claimed he "paid a bounty the 25 cent per robin and also that ended my robin trouble for a long time." he wound up through 300 dead robins the year. Ever creative, he occurred a recipe because that sautéed robin chest layered and also baked with polenta, marinara sauce, and also Parmesan cheese. He claimed the birds "Tasted favor pigeon. They were every dark meat and mild."Seriously, though, what about a vehicle cover? No bird poop, dust, leaves, or sun-faded seats, plus your 4-wheeled perch continues to be cleaner longer.posted by cenoxo at 10:40 pm on April 6, 2006
Response by poster: divine crap, I execute live in wine country and have to be to the vineyard (which is nearby).posted through mathowie at 8:05 to be on April 7, 2006
I had actually a destructive bird difficulty with zillions trying to nest in mine eaves - that was getting like a Hitchcock movie - poop all over - cars, yard, porch - and also a bloody racket every morning, no sweet tiny cheep cheeps. The darn points would swoop at her head when you went in and also out the ago door. An owl prefer the one glibhamdreck linked did the trick for the whole yard - now the birds room at the neighbors, heh. I have to move the owl roughly every week or for this reason - native porch come roof come stoop - if I store it in one place, the bird seem to catch on after awhile. Yet if I move it, i am bird free.posted through madamjujujive in ~ 5:19 afternoon on April 8, 2006
Heh. I knew, in community college, among the children that supplied to hunt the robbins for Erath. They also used to fear the crows off v shotgun blasts.posted by SpecialK in ~ 12:31 pm on might 22, 2006
If you are a good shot shot a bb gun or pellet rifle. BB guns are no as precise as pellet rifles so you may want to walk the pellet rifle route. I had a starling problem and bought a pellet rifle to carry out the job. No much more birdies bugging me! they weren"t ~ above my car though so i don"t recognize if you might get a clean shot there is no hitting her car.posted through srthomas21 in ~ 10:12 am on January 24, 2007
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