Beyoncé’s life has listed inspiration for numerous insane conspiracy theories over the years, however that’s only because Beyoncé herself plans every solitary aspect of she career in meticulous detail. She Grammys dress had her own confront on it, because that god’s sake! nothing is through accident with Mrs. Carter.

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So it must come together no surprise that the BeyHive thinks Beyoncé has currently revealed the sex of she twins via coded jewel message. Pendant of Beyoncé’s mom Ms. Tina Knowles’s Instagram may remember the Beyoncé freshly attended she stepdad Richard Lawson’s birthday party. Later, Beyoncé took to her website to post photos of she party look, which consisted of a black velvet minidress, black color boots, and a black color Gucci bag that i would very much favor sent come my home if anyone’s obtained an extra one lie around. However the most vital component the this look to be a huge pair the earrings the the BeyHive noticed they had actually seen prior to — namely, in the 2008 music video clip for “If ns Were a Boy.”

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Beyoncé the form to subtly expose the gender of her babies through earrings 😂😂 Why else is Mrs. Small rocking the "If i Were A Boy" earrings?

— alex. (
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Earrings indigenous If i Were A boy video, quiet rocking emerald. Beyoncé is having actually twin boys and also is due in May.

— Beysus † Godga (

To the casual observer, this earrings are just earrings, yet again, nothing about Beyoncé is casual. This woman more than likely never even wears the exact same pair of underwear twice, and also yet below she is repeating a pair the earrings nine years after ~ she first wore them? It can be a coincidence, or a entirely different pair the earrings that just look choose the “If ns Were a Boy” ones, however you have the right to see why a specialized theorist can interpret them together something else. Remember also that Instagram sleuths likewise think Beyoncé hinted at her twins earlier in December by hold up two fingers in photos, and also there’s yes, really no evidence that they to be wrong (or that they were right, however go with it). The moral of this story is that Beyoncé has actually probably told you everything you ever needed to know about her via she outfits however you simply weren’t payment attention.

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