Navel piercings are an extremely popular, especially amongst young girls, teenagers, and young adults. They are usually pretty simple to heal, but that doesn't average that lock will constantly heal there is no complications.

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Some people experience infections, and others may experience hike (when the piercing progressively moves native its an initial location) or also rejection (when the body forces the jewelry out). Back navel piercings frequently heal quickly, it is common for them to migrate or reject. Infection, steel allergies, scarring, tearing, and also stretching are also common. Some people's bodies merely cannot heal successfully, no issue what. You simply don't know just how your body will certainly react till you provide it a try.

The important thing is come make sure that you keep up with proper aftercare and wear ideal jewelry, together this will assist improve the odds of avoiding complications.

Things That can Go Wrong with a Navel Piercing

migrationrejectioninfectionscarringmetal allergyexcessive bleedingover-cleaningtearingstretching

Each the these problems is described totally below.

Migration: What If mine Piercing Moves?

When a piercing migrates, the doesn't completely reject the end of the body, but it alters from its original position. It may move just a little, or it might move totally away from the navel.


Common causes of migrate include:

If the body doesn't like the metal that was provided for the jewelry. (Surgical class steel and titanium room the best to protect against migration.)If the jewelry is not the ideal type. (CBRs and other rings are much more prone to complications 보다 a curved, banana barbell.)If there is organization damage about the piercing area.If there isn't enough tissue stamin to hold and also support the jewelry.If there to be incorrect placement, such as if it was pierced as well shallow or not absolutely perpendicular.If there is any friction, such together that caused by pants, belts, or shirts.If there is aggravated damages or trauma brought about by hitting or pulling in ~ the jewelry.If over there is pressure, together as caused by another piece of jewel from another piercing moving or putting press on the one in question.If her body grows: If you acquired the piercing when you were young and your body was not totally developed, or if you obtain weight or become pregnant, together your human body changes and also alters, the piercing will, too, potentially resulting in migration.

There's nothing the you can really do to avoid migration, yet you can impede it by preventing the potential causes noted above. If you see indications of migration, you'll desire to eliminate the jewelry, let that heal, and then try to gain re-pierced.

What causes Rejection or Migration?

Heavy, thin-gauge jewelry made of the wrong material can cause rejection or migration.

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Rejection: What If My human body Rejects the Jewelry?

If it continues to migrate, it might actually it is in rejecting, which is once your body pushes the jewelry out in an attempt to heal itself. As with the human body would force out a splinter, it will pressure out jewelry, i beg your pardon is a international material, and also the body doesn't like international objects come be put into it.