Béchamel sauce (Besciamella) is a smooth, white sauce made with simply 3 ingredients: flour, milk, and butter. It’s additionally known as White Sauce or mommy Sauce because many sauces space made with Béchamel as a base, such as Mornay Sauce, i m sorry is a rather richer version.

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Someone thinks the Béchamel recipe to be born in France. In fact its origins are Italian. In truth it was born in Tuscany. It to be initially called “Salsa Colla” (“glue sauce”) due to the fact that its main purpose was as a binding element in numerous pasta and also vegetable dishes. It was exported to France through Caterina de’ Medici (see paragraph “Origins that Béchamel Sauce”)


The preparation of Bechamel Sauce is composed in adding milk come a white roux, a cook mixture made with equal quantities of butter and flour. Add a pinch the salt and also a pinch the nutmeg then cook for about 15 minute so the the sauce thickens.

Lasagna and also Cannelloni would certainly not exist without Besciamella and also some pasta recipes or vegetables au gratin call for this valuable Italian white sauce.

You can buy ready-made béchamel sauce, but you have to know that homemade béchamel sauce is really easy and also fast to make. The ingredients and the procedures are few, simply follow part rules. In fact, there room some actions that, if excellent wrong, damage the success that the sauce. So currently let’s watch together exactly how to do the ideal Bechamel Sauce Recipe!

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Béchamel Sauce cooking recipes (Italian White Sauce)

Prep Time: 5 MinCook Time: 15 MinYields : 4 civilization or 500 ml (2 ½ cup) the bechamel sauce


500 ml (2 cups) the milk50 g (1,7 ounce or ¼ cup) the unsalted butter50 g (1,7 oz or 4 tablespoons) the all-purpose flour1/4 teaspoon of well saltfreshly grated nutmegParmigiano reggiano cheese (optional)

Kitchen Tools and also Equipments

You will require a stainless stole saucepan v high sides and also a balloon whisk.


WHITE SAUCE RATIO: the ingredients because that this recipe are for 500 ml (2 ½ cup) that Bechamel sauce. If you need 1 liter (5 cups) of bechamel, double the ingredients. If you desire a much more liquid béchamel sauce, mitigate the flour and also the butter. For instance 30 g (1 oz or 2 ½ tablespoons) the flour and also 30 g (1 oz or 2 tablespoons) of butter.

IMPORTANT: the fat part (the butter) and the flour must have constantly the same weight.


Step 1) – Get all set with all the ingredients. Climate in a saucepan, melt the butter over low heat. Now include the flour, much better if you usage a flour sieve, in this method you space sure that no lumps are formed. Mix quickly (but really quickly) v a whisk. Stir until the mixture is smooth and also without lumps.

This is the time as soon as you have to be more careful. Chef for 30 sec/1 min so the flour i do not care tastier and also absorb the butter fats. The mixture the butter and flour is dubbed roux and it must be a nice gold color; you can even use it come thicken other sauces or gravy! Now set aside and let that cool.


Step 2) – Meanwhile heat the milk, without bringing to a boil. To water the milk gradually over the roux, while stirring vigorously through a whisk to avoid the formation of lumps.

When the milk is totally poured end the roux sauce, placed the saucepan earlier on low heat. Store mixing constantly, until you have actually a relatively thick consistency (about 10/15 minutes). The sauce is ready as soon as it sticks to the back of a wooden spoon.


Step 3) – include a pinch of well salt and also grated nutmeg come taste. For an also richer flavor, include a tiny Parmigiano reggiano cheese (optional). Italian béchamel sauce is prepared to use.

How to keep Bechamel Sauce

You deserve to make Bechamel ahead of time. So when cold, it deserve to be preserved in the refrigerator, close up door in one airtight container, for a maximum of 2-3 days.

The best thing to carry out is to transfer the bechamel into a bowl and cover it through cling film that is in contact with the sauce (otherwise a denser great will kind on the surface). If this happens, remove it prior to serving. In fact, if you rest it and mix it v the remainder of the white sauce, you’ll have actually many tiny clumps of clotted bechamel!

Béchamel sauce have the right to be frozen and also kept in the freezer for about 1 month.

How come Reheat Béchamel Sauce

If necessary, you deserve to reheat the white sauce in a saucepan over low heat: it’ll return smooth and also creamy just working it through the whips that an electrical mixer; friend can include a little milk to do it more fluid.


Italian Béchamel Sauce Consistency

With this cooking recipes you acquire an typical density. If you choose a much more liquid bechamel, diminish the sheep of butter and also flour; because that a more thick béchamel instead, boost the sheep of butter and also flour. If lumps type in the béchamel sauce just filter it through a colander.

Summing Up: for 500 ml (2 cups) of milk

runny bechamel: 30 g (1 oz) that flour + 30 g (1 oz) that butterclassic bechamel: 50 g (1,7 oz) that flour + 50 g (1,7 oz) the butterthick bechamel: 70 g (2,40 oz) of flour + 70 g (2,40 oz) the butter

For a perfect Italian Béchamel Sauce, butter and also flour must have actually the same weight.

Vegan Béchamel Sauce

To do a vegan béchamel, you can replace the butter v olive or seeds oil and cow’s milk with a vegetable milk of your choice.


Origins that Béchamel Recipe

In the beginning, Bechamel Sauce, born in Tuscany, was known as “Salsa Colla” (“glue sauce”). Mainly used in recipes to tie ingredients together, it was exported come France by Caterina de’ Medici.

Originally, Bechamel Sauce was obtained with a slow cooking of milk, meat broth and also spices, blended with the enhancement of cream.

Once called by Artusi “Balsamella”, it is just one of the simple sauces that Italian cuisine.

The existing name Bechamel showed up in the 15th century Italian cookbook well-known as La cucina Medicea. It was intended to respect the courtier louis de Béchameil, Marquis that Nointel (1630-1703).

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The surname of this precious Italian sauce has readjusted over the centuries, from being called “Salsa Colla”, “Balsamella”, come the existing Bechamel or Besciamella in Italian.

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