Below is one excerpt of an emailI recently received - it"s comparable to others I"ve got over thelast couple of years:

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"This song has beenforever etchedin mine mind and upon many, many fans. The deserves to it is in properlydocumented because that the future as well. Whoever sings this has such awonderful voice and carries the sustaining note so well. It would begreat to relax the numerous trivia buffs who are losing sleep overthis together well. ... Thank you so lot for any assist you can be onthis many pressing of trivial matters! however this is difficult to think that asjust trivia, it is an useful Western History." *------ *Note that there is an ext detail indigenous the correspondent"s research study below.
If you understand who sang the BatMasterson template song, please send me an e-mail or include to the ongoingdiscussion or FAQ top top IMDB(Internet Movie DataBase).
For your pleasure, here is great MIDIformat document of the theme song, created by Ron Tilden. Ifyou save it to your computer, you have the right to play and also sing along to the midiusing the cost-free Vanbasco karaoke player.
And below is alow-resolution .wav style clip ofsome the the theme track as sung by the an enig artist.
Bat Masterson ThemeSong text Words and music by Bart Corwin & Havens Wray

Back when theWest was veryyoung There lived a mannamedMasterson that wore a cane andderbyhat They called him Bat,BatMasterson.

A man of steelthe storiessay however women"s eyes allglancedhis means A gambler"s game healwayswon They called him Bat,BatMasterson.

The trail the heblazedis still there No one has comesince toreplace his surname and those through tooreadya trigger forgot to figger top top his fighting cane.

So in the legendsof theWest One surname stands outfromall the remainder The man who had thefastestgun They called him Bat,BatMasterson.

* "As i hear the Bat Theme song now practically everyday i can"t assist but wonder who sings the song. I have actually searched the webfor plenty of hours and read mine eyes blind trying come find any kind of mention ofthis. There is much around the writer, musicians, and recordings, butnobody appears to know who the singer is. Myself and also a couple of others havehad conversation on this subject on the website. (TV and also MovieInfo site). A number of names space mentioned: william Lee, ThurlRavenscroft (Tony the Tiger and also The Grinch who Stole Christmas), PernelRoberts, Howard Keel, wilhelm Conrad, and Gene himself. We have actually been compare the Actual theme from VCR to few of the moviesHoward Keel has made and it sounds genuine close. However still, this cannotdefinatively prize the question. One person makes a solid case forWilliam Lee." ... "I really, really evaluate your efforts and posting mine letter. I musttell you the I have searched as plenty of sources together I have the right to find, BMI aswell as various other such license agencies, Hollywood sites, TV trivia, Onand on. MGM does not give an email address, NBC did not respond. Ns gota brief reply indigenous a site concerning David Rose, who might be HavensWray. BMI has the listing together we recognize it, no singer. Upon investigating wilhelm Lee, ns learned a great deal about how TV andmovie themes and voice overs to be done. Lee and also Thurl Ravenscroft hadbeen in a 4 man singing group called "The Mellomen". They had a longand differed career. They worked for Jack Benney and also Walt Disney. Thurlwas Tony The Tiger"s voice and Lee did numerous themes and voice overs. Inthe Howard Keel movie, "7 Brides for 7 Brothers" Lee sings because that one ofthe brothers, Adam Pontipee. That is difficult to say that voice sounds likethe BAT theme, however the an ext we hear to Howard Keel sing, climate switchback come the BAT VHS tape, the an ext we think it need to be Keel that singsBAT. However this is no proof. Unfortunately, plenty of of the studio musician of the day to be nevercredited. Lock drove throughout the san Fernando Valley, doing quick jobsand relocating on to the following without a mention or concern, simply happy toget the work. Almost anyone that possibly had to perform with this era hasnow happen on. I perform not know how to go about contacting any Hollywood oldtimers thatmay still be around, yet maybe there is somebody from the BAT creditsthat can be asked.

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It would be so exciting to know what Gene Barrythinks about all of this. I have the right to imagine he may not know, however he mayhave an opinion!" /s/ candid Charles