Rock and roll, countless Boomers would say, to be born with the Flower youngsters of the Sixties. Virtually every type of flower could be found on album covers, from Sgt. Pepper to Donovan come the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

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For the reason, the is a tiny surprising the so couple of rock and roll bands are called after flowers. The most famed of the rare flower-themed teams all use the very same flower, artist like weapons N' Roses, the climbed Tattoo, and the rock Roses.

Other flowers have been used in band names, just not virtually as often as the rose. Below are ten non-rose groups who have a name that includes some kind of flower.

1. Sunflower Bean

Bassist Julia Cumming fronts this indie absent band, while also working together a design for high fashion designers.

2. The Wallflowers

In despite the of enjoying graph success v “One Headlight” and “Three Marlenas”, this quartet is still better known for being front by Bob Dylan's child Jakob.

3. The Daisy Chain

All females consisted of this psychedelic Sixties band, that have because been remembered for the landmark album Straight or Lame.

4. Tiger Lilies

Accordian, ukulele and banjo are just three the the many instruments play by singer Martyn Jaques, whose British punk band ended up being well-known for 2017's Edgar Allan Poe's Haunted Palace.

5. Gin Blossoms

“Hey Jealousy” ended up being a large hit and propeled the Arizona absent band into stars, who have recently toured v Marcy Playground and also Sugar Ray.

6. Krokus

Hailing from down Under, these males would normally turn from steady alt-pop to hard rock ~ seeing fellow Australians AC/CD.

7. Mayer Hawthorne

Andrew Coen determined his phase name by using his center name and a flower, thereby embarking top top a music career highlighted by working with the likes that Kanye West, Booker T. Jones and Daryl Hall.

8. The Poppy Family

There to be not having much delight nor much fun, for after dismantling this Canadian pop team Terry Jacks fight number one together a solo artist through “Seasons in the Sun.”

9. The Hollies

Whether or not this flora grows on a “Carousel” or in ~ a “Bus Stop,” it served as the perfect surname for a team that boasted Graham Nash together a member.

10. Clover

While never ever making one album of their own after backing Elvis Costello's debut My aim Is True, these males did walk on to come to be the musical section of Huey Lewis and also the News.

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