Eighth-grade girls’ shot placed throwers expressed your feelings about this monitor season.

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Maddie Field, brand-new at shot put this year, common what she hope to achieve this season.

“I have one goal and it’s to at least medal or place one time or multiple times. Because I didn’t carry out it last year, i don’t know what the vain is,” field said.

At her an initial meet at silver- Lake, she threw 25 feet and also four inches. In ~ her second meet, she threw 28 feet and also nine inches, earning her ninth place at St. Marys.

Hannah Martin and Tori blacksmith are additionally eighth-graders, yet this is their second year contending in shot put.

Smith placed very first in discus at multiple meets as a seventh grader. She placed an initial in discus in ~ the meets in St.Marys, royal Valley, and also Wabaunsee. She expressed exactly how she feeling the day prior to her very first eighth-grade meet.

“I’m actually not nervous in ~ all due to the fact that it’s the same world I competed against last year, and I did pretty good last year,” smith said.

Smith threw the shot put 28 feet and also 11.5 inches in ~ the track meet on April 6. That placed her in seventh place for eighth- class girls. AtRoyal valley on April 20, blacksmith placed 3rd with a throw of 29 feet and also 7 inches.

She also competed in the open up 200-meter dash and discus together with shot put. She ran the 200 in just over 32 seconds and also placed sixth at imperial Valley. In silver- Lake, she placed very first in discus v a litter of 91 feet and also 8 inches.

Martin defined how well she and also her team members cooperated together and also how it had an result on she performance.

“Our teammates acquire along simply fine and this impacts me a lot learning that they’ll always be there,” young name explained.

At the silver- Lake monitor meet, she put sixth through a litter of 28 feet and 3 inches. A mainly later, she threw 30 feet and also 10.5 inches and placed fifth and also earned 2 points for she team.

Mike Vande Velde, the brand-new shot put and discus coach, expressed his feelings around coaching and what that likes most about it.

“My favorite component about coaching is absolutely the kids. It’s all around the kids. I love see them show up and teach them a couple of things and also watch lock develop and also get better at something,” the said.

In high school, Coach Vande Velde likewise threw shot put and discus.

“I was just an median thrower. I did baseball together well, so i didn’t get a lot of practice in…” Vande Velde explained.


Eighth-Grader Hannah Martin methods her form in preparation for the meet in imperial Valley.

Eighth-Grader Tori smith throws a shot put throughout practice top top April 5.

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Throwing Coach Mike Vande Velde talks to Trenton Cole, track participant, around discus.