Avatar The last Airbender: 10 characters Whose Names have An Actual meaning Avatar: The last Airbender brought us a great blend of characters and culture that even their names have their very own meaning.

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A collage that the principal personalities (Katara, Zuko, Toph) that Avatar: The critical Airbender
Avatar: The last Airbender is a wonderful showcase of characters that had their rudimentary arcs throughout the collection and proved memorable moments the resonate come fans. This fight Nickelodeon series is not just a hero’s trip of airbender Aang reclaiming his destiny together his generation’s avatar, but likewise a coming-of-age i of his finest friends, his adversaries and his allies.

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For all audiences alike, it can assist to find out that every of the personalities have an actual an interpretation to called to their arcs. Whether your etymologies room intentional or accidental upon translation, they add more reasons to appreciate the show.

A file screenshot that Avatar Kyoshi from Avatar: The last Airbender
Avatar Kyoshi is a legend throughout the planet Kingdom. She to be the earthbender Avatar who had actually lived for 230 years, and was described to be gigantic. Despite her deeply flawed backstory, she renowned exploits and defiant assertiveness were the catalyst for the Kyoshi Warriors, under to adapting her physical appearance.

Speaking of, the Kyoshi Warriors have actually emblematic fans through Japanese engravings that, when combined, equates to “capital samurai”. Due to the fact that samurais monitor a strict code over weakness, Kyoshi has actually her ethical code the was significant by her solid sense the justice.

9 Zhao

A file screenshot of Admiral Zhao indigenous Avatar: The critical Airbender
An adversary to both Aang and also Zuko, Admiral Zhao is one ambitious Fire country leader v hot-tempered decision to record the Avatar. Zuko found him as a legitimate threat to his plans to seek Aang first to get acceptance indigenous his father. Zhao’s avaricious desire becomes his own loss, however.

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Zhao’s name have the right to be connected to two figures in Chinese history. First is the ancient state the Zhao, whose generals are well-known to it is in cruel and cunning. And 2nd is Zhao Kuangyin, tune Dynasty’s an initial emperor, who loves procuring knowledge.

A file screenshot that Piandao wielding a knife from Avatar: The critical Airbender
Piandao is not much of a Fire country warrior, but much more of a master swordsman and swordsmith. He exit the Fire country military and also instead taught swordplay and its essence to Sokka. He at some point becomes a high-ranking member of the stimulate of the White Lotus.

Piandao’s name is possibly acquired from “piandao”, a kind of Chinese sabre from the so late Ming Dynasty. This sword is offered by skirmishers because that draw-cutting (which fits his backstory of cutting his ties with the army). Though, Piandao generally uses a “jian”, a straight-bladed sword.

7 Ty Lee

A file screenshot that Ty Lee indigenous Avatar: The last Airbender
Ty Lee offered as a loyal confidante come Fire nation princess/childhood friend Azula. In comparison to Mai, she is a quick ball that energy, who bounces from gift an attention-getter to being an airhead. Being a previous acrobat, she offers her abilities because that nefarious plans.

Ironically, in the Taiwanese dub, her name is analyzed as “calm and also beautiful”. While she is certainly beautiful, she is anything but calm, offered her manic energy and bubbly attitude. However, ~ the war, she joined the Kyoshi Warriors, providing her the peace she needed.

Bumi is a close friend to Aang before he fled the wait Nomads. Year later, together the King of Omashu, he showed a hefty ability as an Earthbending grasp and, ~ a collection of tests, guided Aang and company. After liberating Omashu, he join the order of the White Lotus.

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Bumi’s surname literally means “earth” or “land” in Sanskrit and Thai. So, there is not much deeper to look at. However, in the Chinese dub, his inscription method “to spread out rice”. Due to the fact that rice symbolizes prosperity, the fits to define Omashu.

5 Aang

The last making it through Airbender, Aang becomes the unlikely hero his world needs. Acquisition his location as the new Avatar, he masters all four bending arts: airbending, waterbending, earthbending, and firebending. Along with his the next friends and also newfound allies, he leader a charge to avoid the Fire country from total dominion.

In the episode “Tales that Ba sing Se”, Aang’s name, written in Chinese inscription, means “peaceful soaring”. While that generally explains the core trait of an waiting Nomad, it also relates to Aang’s key responsibility, which is to reclaim peace.

there is an ext to mai than just her cold, stoic personality. A when loyal confidante to Azula, she specializes in wielding different types of weapons, from knives to shuriken, all hidden in her clothing. And she mostly serves as a silver paper to Azula’s manic spitefulness and Ty Lee’s lively energy.

All relate come her name aptly because Mai in Cantonese method “sleeve that a robe”, and also in Japanese bear resemblance to “meimei”, which way “dark” or “invisible”. While they describe her at challenge value, they also describe her ulterior innocence.

3 Toph Beifong

Toph is the group’s cook Earthbender, who taught Aang exactly how to grasp the earth element. The group tomboy, she is blunt, boastful, sardonic and testy. Regardless of her blindness, Toph has actually a heightened feeling of hearing and also feeling vibrations that provides an advantage against various other Earthbenders.

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While her surname is an apparent pun to “tough”, Toph’s name way “expanding lotus” and Beifong equates to “northern” once written in Chinese. The latter makes sense due to the fact that the Beifong family is actually of high-class in the planet Kingdom. Yet, Toph fled from her family.

The sole waterbender of the southern Water Tribe, Katara is Aang’s near confidante and best friend. She and her brother Sokka guided Aang transparent the civilization to aid him in mastering all four elements and also fight off versus the Fire Nation. Along the way, she masters her capacity in waterbending.

The etymology the Katara’s name is truly literal because her name way “water droplet” in Arabic. In Chinese, the critical character of her name method “pull”. When combined, Katara’s name explains the basics that waterbending. Though, it could likewise mean Katara being pulled come greatness.

1 Zuko

The then crown prince the the Fire Nation, Zuko to be banished by his father, Fire lord Ozai, and also aimed to capture the Avatar to reclaim his honor. Guided through his caring uncle basic Iroh, he gave chase come the group however eventually rubbish his father and his ideals and also accepted come teach firebending to Aang.

Zuko’s surname was provided two various inscriptions in the series. One to be on a want poster v the message translating to “ancestors robber”. And second was in a title card, wherein his name method “awaken rank”, foreshadowing his ultimate redemption.

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