It’s the little-known symbol that you can discover on numerous $2 coins at this time circulating in Australia.

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The tiny “HH” stamp deserve to be discovered on 1988 and 1989 $2 coins in the bottom left-hand corner, on the lower chest that the aboriginal man featured ~ above the tails side.

See a video of the “HH” $2 coin above

The symbol to represent the initials that Horst Hahne, the royal Australian Mint chef engraver at the time the coins were very first introduced.

Coin professionals have long maintained the coins through this stamp space not an useful given that approximately 200 million coins were minted with the “HH” symbol.

However the hasn’t quit some collectors indigenous seeking peak dollar because that these certain coins.

The HH symbol deserve to be discovered in the lower left-hand edge of the tails side of 1988 and 1989 $2 coins. Credit: eBay
One eBay auction had beginning bids top top the “HH” $2 coin starting at a lining $10,000.

The proficient seller indigenous Bathurst, NSW, has actually a 100% hopeful feedback rating.

One eBay seller has provided the $2 'HH' coin because that $10,000. Credit: eBay
Other auctions have actually the $2 pieces ranging from $5 to $20, while double rolls that the uncirculated coins space priced in ~ $175.

However tik money professional TheHistoryOfMoney, well-known as Joelo, is adamant the coins are just worth $2.

Rolls the the uncirculated $2 HH coins have actually been noted for $175. Credit: eBayHis latest viral video clip points out the stamp, yet says they’re not valuable.

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“Coins do in 1988 and 1989 v ‘HH’ on lock are only worth $2,” he said in the video.

“As there to be 198 million of these minted.”


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