The silk chicken is loved by numerous for their unusual appearance and also furry feathers.

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They stand alone in the chicken world as being the just breed to have this furry appearance.

She has a long background that runs every the method from the old Chinese dynasties, travelling the Silk roadway to eastern Europe and then throughout the Atlantic to contemporary day America.

They have discovered their means into the hearts and also minds that poultry lovers all over the world.

Keeping reading to learn more about this distinctive chicken…


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Silkie Chicken Overview

The silkie Chicken has actually been about for a an extremely long time.

They were an initial introduced to Europe in the 1800s and because of their appearance they quickly became a novelty bird.

In your homeland (China and also the much East) the Silkie had been providing eggs and also meat because that the rich for countless centuries.

The meat is black and also is thought to provide magical and also medicinal properties to those who eat it. Your bones are additionally used in Chinese medicine.

These job they are much more of one exhibition, present or ornamental bird as they are a negative layer. In spite of this, they have end up being a firm backyard favorite as a brooding hen (one the her numerous positive attributes).

The popularity of this breed is stronger now than it has remained in many years! that is not difficult to see why the silk enjoys a one-of-a-kind place among poultry fanciers as she is a reputable broody and a delightful family pet.

Silkie Chicken
Beginner Friendly:Ideal (docile and also friendly).
Lifespan:7-8 years.
Weight:Hen (1.5-2lb) and also Rooster (2-3lb).
Color:Various (eight recognized colors).
Egg Production:2-3 every week.
Egg Color:Cream to tinted.
Known for Broodiness:Yes.
Good with Children:Yes.
Cost the Chicken:$5-$120 depending on color and quality.



Once you have actually seen a Silkie, you will not confused them with one more chicken!

Their feathers appear silk or fur-like.

They have a broad, plump body through a short back and abundant chest. Their legs space short and grey and collection wide apart because that stability.

The head of the silkie is a crested pom pom – nearly reminiscent of a negative hair day. The rooster’s comb is a walnut shape which is regularly hidden by feathers. In a pure bred the comb have to be mulberry (deep red) in color.

Their face can be bearded or non-bearded and eyes are coal black.

Earlobes space unusual in that they room a light blue in color.

Beneath all your feathers you may be surprised to uncover that their skin is black color – yet it walk not protect against there. The silk bird is black throughout: skin, muscles and also bones space all black. The only exception is the blood (it remains red).

Size and Weight

Silkies here in the US often tend to be slightly smaller than their European counterparts.

The embraced US weights room 2-3lb for roosters and 1-5-2lb because that hens.They perform come in bantam size also with weights being 36oz and also 32oz respectively.

Color Varieties

There are several different shade varieties the Silkies available. The American Poultry combination (APA) recognizes 8 color including:

Black.Blue.Buff.Gray.Partridge.Self-blue (lavender).Splash.White.

Several an ext colors are being functioned upon and awaiting accept by the APA.


Pros and also Cons


Make great mothers.Completely distinctive appearance.Can be used as residence pets.Great through children.Soft fur-like feather.


Poor egg layers.Not an excellent in cold climates.Can obtain bullied.Feather’s can need additional care.

What Is It prefer To own A silk Chicken?


These exciting birds space pretty easy to care for.

They really perform not have actually a the majority of demands and always bring a laugh to the encounters of visitors.

Silkies are fairly calm and peaceful birds.

Like most chickens they execute enjoy totally free ranging, but this demands to be done under supervision due to the fact that they space such basic prey for predators. A completely enclosed area to save out hawks would be best because their vision can be impaired by your head feathers.

Silkie chicken excel as home pets and also hens in details are an ideal for apartments since they space so quiet.


This is a docile and friendly chicken breed.

In reality they are so friendly they regularly get bullied by an ext assertive birds choose Rhode Island Reds.

They will carry out well combined with other docile each other (such as Polish, Cochin or similar types) and enjoy a tranquil coexistence.

Silkie roosters space a delight. Lock are very mellow and also have been checked out tidbitting and helping baby chicks to discover what is an excellent to eat.

They yes, really enjoy interacting with humans and are a pushover because that lap time, whereby they frequently have a nap.

Silkies simply love being carried around or having cuddles.

I have actually yet to hear the an wild or an overwhelming Silkie chicken – they are laid earlier and non-confrontational.

It is a lovely bird to have for children because their feather feel an ext like fur and also lends chin to stroking.

Egg Production

If you want a chicken that lays numerous eggs, the silkie is no your bird.

They are considered negative layers averaging 2-3 tiny eggs each week – roughly 100-120 eggs per year.

However castle excel in the broodiness department and also are fabulous mother (more top top this later).

Egg Production
Eggs every Week:2-3 Eggs.
Color:Cream to tinted.
Size:Small come medium.

Noise Levels

These chickens are very quiet birds.

Even their egg tune is performed quietly!

The reality that they room so quiet is one of the points that do them perfect because that an apartment pet.

Hens will hardly ever make a fuss however of food the rooster still crows. Some folks feel the silkie rooster is less noisy 보다 others, however it deserve to still be a nuisance to her neighbors.

Silkie Chicken care Guide


Overall the silk chicken is a relatively low maintain breed.

They will tolerate confinement well as long as lock have enough room and also perches.

One point you should understand is the they absence barbicels on your feathers.

This to produce some difficulties for the Silkie.

Mainly that their feathers execute not defend them versus bad weather. In wet weather, the bird is likely to gain soaked to the skin. Therefore they should have access to a certain dry location out the the weather.

If lock do get wet they will should be dried off and kept warmth until they reach their typical temperature.

Health Issues

Some strains that the silkie are much more prone come Marek’s disease than others. Although friend can get your birds vaccinated in ~ source, if you space buying from a exclusive breeder the is worth your time asking around this disease.

Otherwise Silkies are healthy.

Regular wellness checks because that parasites need to be component of your daily care. You have the right to treat as needed or schedule continuous treatments, the selection is yours.

Silkies will usually live for 7-8 years, however with lots of loving treatment can live much longer.


Silkies will eat about ¼lb that feed each day.

You have the right to use conventional 16% great feed.

Supplementing your feed with fresh greens and the sometimes treat will save them happy, energetic and healthy.


Coop Setup and Roaming

You will require a minimum that 4 square feet per silk inside her coop.

They are unusual in the they really perform not care to roost in ~ night. They lot prefer to heap up together on the floor come sleep. To aid ensure the rodents or insects carry out not stroked nerves them in ~ night, you might consider structure a increased platform a couple of inches off the floor because that them to sleep on.

Now for nesting boxes.

You will have to bear in mind that Silkies cannot fly for this reason the nesting boxes should be accessible. Place the nests on the ground is an option for them, together is increasing them a couple of inches and having a tiny platform because that them to access the box.

Outside the coop Silkies execute enjoy cost-free ranging, however they are an easy target for predators due to the fact that they cannot fly.

A good arrangement would be to have actually an external area cordoned off and protected. Girlfriend would also need to provide some overhead defense from falken or owls.

Standard sized birds will each need a minimum of 8 square feet in the operation (bantams contempt less). If friend have an are to provide an ext room, do! much more is better.

Breed History


There is no doubt that the silk is a really ancient breed.

They most likely originated in China approximately 200BC during the Han dynasty.

For numerous centuries they continued to be unknown in the West.

However castle were mentioned by adventurers such as Marco Polo (1200s) and Ulisse Aldrovandi (1500s).

Aldrovandi described them as chicken through fur.

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Silkies ultimately made their way to Europe sometime during the 1800s. People were fascinated through this unexplained bird – no one had ever seen anything prefer her!

It was marketed by some as a hybrid between a rabbit and also a chicken and also was a regular exhibit in circus sideshows as a curiosity.

We may think that is unbelievable now yet many people did believe this in ~ the time!