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I`m much more of C&R fisherman ya know, until I gain my record of a life time well they deserve to swim and also be caught one more day. Anyhow,...can ya eat these sand sharks/dog fish, ns love shark steaks!Thanks fellas
I have not make the efforts them yet a girlfriend of mine swears castle tast similar to flounder. He states the cheat is to take it the fillet right off the fish best after you capture it. Knock him on the head climate skin him on the beach.

I think its the truth that sharks secrete their waste v their skin that renders the meat taste bad. Likewise they will release your bladders after ~ they dice if you don"t disembowel them best away, so every that naturally dumps into the meat ~ above its means out with the skin.

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Ya have the right to eat em, but they taste favor dung (Chrockadile Dun Dee)

i heared castle make great flounder bait ( reduced strips odviously, no the entirety thing)Just an alternate to eat them
I eat them tastes choose mako.
Get The Net!!!!
The entire fish and chips market over in England is practically based on dogfish. Never had actually real fish and chips native England, but if they happen them off as cod or haddock over there, how negative can they be?
I heard that you must only eat a shark if it has teeth.No idea if it"s true, yet that"s what ns tell the kids as i throw them back or to the seagulls, who give them a nice back and head massage v their beaks.
I have eating sand sharks, castle taste good. Clean lock as soon as you obtain them. Reduced them into little steaks, fry them through butter, and the skin will certainly come appropriate off. If you try to skin castle first, that is a pain. Good Eating
The entire fish and also chips sector over in England is practically based on dogfish. Never had actually real fish and also chips from England, however if they pass them off as cod or haddock end there, how negative can castle be?Right on, Jersey Joe!!!Actually, sharks are better to eat 보다 the "soft flesh" fish. Really, it"s every in how you prepare them. LOLBut when you record some legit stripers, you won"t desire anything rather to eat.If the shark is "gut hooked" climate skin and fillet it for eating. Fish is mind food, what have the right to I say?Fish On,Rocker
SEAISLE,I see you live in York also!!! LOL i live in north York, how about you?Last year surf fishing in ~ Cape might Point, i was catching a few weakies with my new water spinning, 6lb test and also throwing rapalas. Many were bait fishing top top the bottom and catching skates and also sharks. One regional guy was making use of lite turn tackle additionally and i noticed he had a shirts on that claimed "Battling Bronzebacks" ......... I asked him around his shirt, and he replyed "This salt water fishing is OK, yet if I desire to record a most fish, i drive up phibìc to PA and go wading in the Susquehanna at Wrightsville or Harrisburg. No tides to concern about, no wind to issue about, and also the smallmouth bass will hit something you litter at them."It made me think. Ns fly fish and also spin fish the Susquehanna every possibility I get. I currently caught a couple thousand smallmouth this year, and also the topwater bite is simply starting!! The fishing up right here in York is as great as that gets. I fish the surf as soon as I"m visiting family members at Cape May. And my brother has actually a 26" Grady White the docks in Wildwood. So, surf fishing is just a pair times a year because that this guy......... But this fall, as soon as the stripers return in November!! forget about it!!Fish on, York guy