When things is therefore desirable, an especially when it deserve to be offered for such a high price, over there are constantly likely to be sellers seeking come imitate the item and sell it as an yes, really piece. This means that diamond jewelry is regularly imitated and sold together a real diamond. If you have actually been sold a fake diamond that is most likely to be CZ (Cubic Zirconia), an imitation developed in a lab.


while some select to intentional buy and sell CZ gems, rather attempt to make use of the industry and sell castle as actual diamonds. A actual diamond seller understands the importance of enabling the client to take the time to select the perfect gem, therefore be mindful of everyone who appears to want you to rush right into purchasing a diamond from them.

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Before girlfriend Buy

before you purchase any piece the diamond jewelry, create whether or no the pricing of the rock matches the description of the gem according to the 4 C’s, ‘Cut’, ‘Carat’, ‘Clarity’ and ‘Color’. Because that example, on our website a 0.54 CaratPrincess cut, G color, VS1 clarity loose diamond is priced in ~ $1,173.90 while a 0.8 Carat Princess cut, E color, VS2 clarity loose diamond is priced at $3,384. Even though one diamond has actually a far better clarity grade, it is nonetheless a 3rd of the price the a rock of a slightly greater color grade and also carat weight. When buying diamonds online, take a look in ~ our website and, using the four C’s, you’ll have actually a great idea of what a specific diamond must cost. Ours website likewise offers a advantageous information concerning clarity grade and also color great of diamonds for this reason you can be better equipped to compare diamonds. Please have actually in mind that because we space the manufacturers thus eliminating a middleman, ours diamonds have the right to sell for approximately 50% less than a equivalent item sold jewelry stores.

What To stop When trial and error A Diamond

before we recommend on easy ways to check whether a diamond is real, it’s crucial to establish details common testing methods which room not an ideal for experimentation the authenticity that a diamond. One popular technique of trial and error whether a diamond is actual is to scrape the diamond versus a item of glass or stone; that is believed by part that a genuine diamond will cause damage more easily than a fabricated stone. Us discourage utilizing this method as it may result in damaging a perfectly great diamond. Others have actually recommended putting the rock in inquiry under a flame for 30 seconds, adhered to by immediately dropping it into cold water. A fabricated diamond will certainly surely shatter, exposing it as a fake diamond. However, delivering out this test on a genuine diamond that has undergone particular treatments, such together fracture pour it until it is full or coating, might reverse the treatment because of their exposure come heat. Every the methods we indicate for testing against synthetic diamonds reason no hazard to either actual or synthetic diamonds.

Six means To Test the Your Diamond Is Real

1. The Fog Test

This test can quickly be done through either a an installed diamond or a loosened diamond. Simply take the diamond to within one centimeter of her mouth and also fog the in a similar method you would a winter or window. If it stays fogged for an ext than one second, that is most more than likely a fake diamond. Due to the fact that a actual diamond disperses warmth rapidly, the diamond will not fog increase easily. V a glass stone, however, the fog is likely to remain for a few seconds. If you have a diamond the you recognize to it is in real, the is recipient to try this method with both the real stone and the suspect stone and compare the results.

2. Inspect The Setting

~ above receiving a diamond ring, such together an engagement ring, inspect the setting. The is unlikely the a fake diamond would have actually an expensive ring setting. Take it a look at the rubber stamp on the ring. A “CZ” (Cubic Zirconia) stamp way the center stone is certainly not real. A ring setting that appears to be skin or the doesn’t have a rubber stamp is likewise an indication the the center stone is that an inferior quality.

3. Usage A Jewelers Loupe

many jewelers would be happy to loan you their loupe or research your diamond for you. Together diamonds room a product the nature, being created by chance in the earth, the is extremely rare the a diamond will certainly be flawless in clarity, an interpretation it has no inclusions. Synthetic diamonds and diamonds produced in laboratories room unlikely to have any inclusions, an interpretation that a diamond that shows up perfect in the loupe is most most likely to it is in a fake diamond. It can be that you room fortunate sufficient to own a flawless diamond. In that situation a diamond that shows up perfect under the loupe is no necessarily a false diamond. This test is reliable with both a loose diamond and also a diamond the has already been placed into a ring.


4. Examine Refractivity

one of the beauties the diamonds is their ability to refract light, leading to the irradiate to bend and curve through every movement. A fake diamond will certainly not have this effect because of its lack of density. The most effective means of using this an approach to test a diamond’s authenticity is the newspaper method. This involves placing the diamond top top a newspaper, looking very closely to see whether you are able to read the letters through the stone. If you are, even if it is no clear, you are looking in ~ a fake diamond. If friend cannot review the letters on the newspaper, the diamond is many real. Please note that if the reduced of the stone is no proportionate, meaning the political parties of the diamond are not all same to each other, the print may still be discernible indigenous a genuine diamond.


5. The Water Test

autumn the gem into a glass that water. If a fake diamond is frequently hollow inside, a real diamond is high in density. Therefore, if the suspect stone sinks right to the bottom of the glass, it is a actual diamond. A fake rock will float roughly the height or center of the glass.

6. Visit A reliable Jeweler

Visiting a regional jeweler who you trust should aid put your mind at ease. Plenty of jewelers will certainly appraise her stone cost-free of charge and experts will often be able to tell instantly if your diamond is really or not. If your stone came with a certificate, her jeweler should be happy to take a look in ~ it and tell you whether it is from a trusted source.

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Your Trusted digital Diamond Store

together a firm with end 60 years’ endure in production diamond jewelry, is a reputable company and any type of treatments that space undergone by our diamonds are plainly stated.

If there are any aspects of purchase diamonds virtual you space unsure about, our website offers extensive guidance and we can always be contacted on 1-800-557-7095 where among our professional diamond jewelers will certainly be happy to aid you. Alternatively, you have the right to email us at sales