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Alaskan Puppy Poisoned by Hand Warmer Packet

Chemicals In common Cold-Weather Product deserve to Be Deadly as soon as Ingested


MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 3, 2021 / -- When the temperatures plummet, many human being turn to chemistry hand warmers to store toasty as soon as working or playing outside. What many civilization don"t realize, consisting of pet lovers, is that plenty of hand warmers save iron and can be highly toxic to pets. Before temperatures gain too cold this year, the toxicology professionals at Pet poison Helpline are warning pet owner of the risks these hand warmers pose to their furry family members members.


Buoy, an inquisitive puppy from Anchorage, endured a danger encounter through a discarded hand warmer packet.

"It was yes, really touch and also go for a while," said Jaime Smith, that rushed her Border Collie Buoy come the emergency hospital.

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It to be late November 2020, and also the Smith family members had newly welcomed their new puppy Buoy right into their home. Jaime Smith"s two children and also their community friends went external to play with Buoy in the backyard yet returned quickly because of the cold.

"In Alaska, it it s okay freezing ~ October," claimed Smith, who stays in Anchorage. "The youngsters came in and also asked for aid opening their hand warmer packages. They then went ago outside and also continued playing with Buoy. Soon after they to be finished playing, Buoy started to vomit. That looked favor black tar, but we might see remnants the the hand warmer package paper. Our youngsters showed united state their hand warmers in the rubbish can, so us suspected among the neighbors had left theirs. Once we speak to the parents of one of the neighborhood youngsters who to be here, we uncovered that she had left her two used hand warmers ~ above the playhouse outside. When we investigated, we uncovered remnants around the yard. Apparently, Buoy had shredded them and ingested few of the contents. As soon as we realized what had actually happened, we called Pet toxicity Helpline."

"Buoy was an extremely fortunate that the Smiths not just realized he had actually ingested the hand warmer contents, however that they knew enough to speak to our toxicology experts for advice," stated Ahna Brutlag, DVM, MS, DABT, DABVT, a board-certified vet toxicologist in ~ Pet poison Helpline. "Hand warmers save iron and ingestion may an outcome in vomiting, GI ulceration, shock, cardiovascular compromise, and liver injury. As shortly as we established the chemistry in the hand warmers they had actually used, us recommended they automatically take Buoy to the nearest emergency hospital."

Once they landed on PET Emergency therapy in Anchorage, the Helpline team encourage an instant evaluation because that decontamination, diagnostics, monitoring and supportive care. Buoy"s radiograph proved a large amount of stole product remained throughout his GI tract including the stomach and the small and big intestines. The was inserted on IV fluids, obtained multiple warm-water enemas, administered Milk the Magnesia to minimize absorption the iron indigenous the GI tract and was provided gastroprotectants (omeprazole and also sucralfate) for a week. Buoy spent the night in the hospital, but due to the fact that the Smiths captured the sloop down early and immediately took him in because that treatment, that recuperated quickly.

"It was really touch and also go because that a while," said Smith, "Given that they had no history with the dog since he to be a puppy, they walk an exceptional job."

Pet poison Helpline created Toxin Tails to education the vet community and also pet lovers on the many varieties of poisoning risks facing pets, both in and out that the home. All the pets emphasize in Toxin Tails have actually been successfully treated because that the poisoning and totally recovered.

About Pet toxicity Helpline Pet toxicity Helpline, an pet poison control center based in Minneapolis, is available 24 hours, seven days a week for pet owners and veterinary professionals who require assistance treating a perhaps poisoned pet. The veterinarians and board-certified toxicologists administer treatment advice because that poisoning situations of every species, consisting of dogs, cats, birds, little mammals, big animals and exotic species. As the most cost-effective alternative for pet poison control care, Pet toxicity Helpline"s fees of $65 per incident has follow-up consultations for the duration of the toxicity case. Pet toxicity Helpline is obtainable in north America by call 800-213-6680. Extr information have the right to be uncovered online at