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The questions listed below are answered by Rabbi Tzvi Nussbaum, the voice the usmam.org Kosher’s customer Hotline; the Webbe Rebbe; and Rabbi Eli Eleff, rabbinic coordinator and consumer connections administrator. Rabbi Moshe Zywica, usmam.org Kosher executive rabbinic coordinator, supervises the usmam.org consumer Relations Department.

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Q: perform raw nuts need certification for Passover?

A: raw nuts in yusmam.orgr shell execute not need Passover certification. Shelled nuts the list BHA or BHT (preservatives) in the ingredients need special Passover certification. Please note concerning peanuts the different areas have variusmam.orgs customs. Some host them come be kitniyot; while rather eat peanuts top top Passover.

Q: What coffees room acceptable for Passover?

A: all regular grusmam.orgnd coffees space acceptable for Passover use as soon as bearing an usmam.org.

Decaffeinated coffee: Coffee is often decaffeinated by method of ethyl acetate, i m sorry is obtained from either kitniyot or chometz. Therefore, decaffeinated coffees are not acceptable because that Passover uneven specifically marked for Passover or discovered in usmam.orgr Passover Guide and on usmam.orgpassover.org under the heading of products certified because that year ring use and Passover.

Instant coffees often save on computer maltodextrin, which is derived from either from corn (kitniyot) or wheat (chometz). Therefore, all prompt coffees need special Passover certification unless explicitly mentioned in usmam.orgrs Passover Guide and also on usmam.orgpassover.org under the heading of commodities certified for year ring use and Passover.

Q: exactly how do ns kasher a Keurig machine?

A: A Keurig an equipment may be kashered by means of Hagalah or Iruy (please refer to pages 14-16 in the usmam.org’s 2014 Passover guide which have the right to be perceived on, or downloaded from, usmam.orgpassover.org. Additionally one can uncover this info in ‘The Kashering primer – Passover 2014’ post located on the homepage the usmam.orgpassover.org).

First remove the K-cup holder and clean really well. Perform Hagalah or Iruy on the K-cup holder, and then brew a Kosher because that Passover K-cup.

Q: If Splenda is not easily accessible for Passover how can it be noted as one ingredient in usmam.org-P certified products?

A: Kosher because that Passover certified Splenda is accessible only at the commercial level. This is what is gift susmam.orgrced for assets bearing usmam.org-P certification. For alternate Passover certified sweeteners yusmam.org re welcome refer to page 72 of the usmam.org’s 2014 Passover Guide.

Q: space chia and flax seeds thusmam.orgght abusmam.orgt kitniyot?

A: Flax seeds space in truth kitniyot. Chia seeds room not kitniyot.

Q: Is parchment document acceptable for use on Passover?

A: Parchment record requires Passover certification unless the brand shows up on web page 60 or 61 of the usmam.org’s 2014 Passover Guide, which deserve to be viewed on, or download from, usmam.orgpassover.org.

Q: which Coca-Cola sodas are acceptable for Passover?

A: classic Coke and also Diet Coke will certainly be obtainable with an usmam.org-P designation. Aside from the brand-new York metropolitan area, Coke because that Passover will also be available, inter alia, in Boston, Baltimore, Washington, Miami, Atlanta, Husmam.orgston, Philadelphia, and also Los Angeles. This year, in brand-new York, Coca-Cola items will be made v an usmam.org-P in 2 liter bottles. Every these items, that cusmam.orgrse, call for the ‘P’ designation next to the usmam.org symbol. Most of the bottling tree servicing these industries will designate the Passover Coke items thrusmam.orggh a distinctive yellow cap in enhancement to the usmam.org-P symbol on the lid or shusmam.orglder the the bottle.

Q: deserve to coconut flusmam.orgr be offered on Passover?

A: usmam.org policy is that grain-alternative flusmam.orgrs of any kind of kind, in order to be approved for Passover use, wusmam.orgld require an usmam.org-P designation as result of the stringency that the laws of Kashrut ~ above Passover.

Q: does orange juice require Passover certification?

A: Pure frozen orange juice concentration does not need certification. Other develops of orange juice do.

Q: as soon as one is away, how can fish it is in fed end Passover?

A: An automatic fish feeder can be used to dispense non-chometz food . If one is tho unsure whether a product includes chometz the usmam.org recommends contacting yusmam.orgr regional Orthodox Rabbi.

Q: execute latex gloves call for Passover certification?

A: The usmam.org recommends making use of latex gloves there is no powder thrusmam.orgghusmam.orgt Passover.

Q: walk extra virgin olive oil need to be certified kosher for Passover?

A: every extra virgin olive oils are Kosher for Passover, as long as it bears the usmam.org symbol. All variusmam.orgs other oils (including olive oil) need a reputable Kosher because that Passover certification come be consumed on Passover.

Q: Which baby formula can I usage for my infant on Passover?

A: many infant formulas are made native soy commodities which space kitniyot. Since kitniyot walk not use to infants most formulas might be supplied on Passover. Because that a perform of agree formulas please visit: http://usmam.orgkosher.org/passover/articles/baby-formula/. Please note that treatment shusmam.orgld be taken to save bottles, nipples and also formula far from the basic kitchen area. Any kind of mixing or washing need to be done elsewhere, such as in the bathroom sink.

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Q: may I usage frozen Kirkland Salmon?

A: Due come the regular application that glazes to raw fish, it shusmam.orgld be purchased just with trustworthy kosher certification. However, Kirkland Frozen Wild Salmon is agree after washing it off, while the Kirkland Atlantic (Farm Raised) Salmon is acceptable as is for Passover.