Let me confess that ‘drama’ is no my cup that tea, but I have the right to vouch because that the anime drama ‘Nana‘ as among the finest of its kind I have ever seen. Ns really favored the plot, characters and the means the story discover its various layers. Impressive animation and music likewise elevate the anime as a new experience. Here’s the perform of ideal anime comparable to ‘Nana’ that are our recommendations. You can watch several of this anime like ‘Nana’ top top Netflix, Crunchyroll or Hulu.

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7. Sakamichi no Apollon (2012)


‘Sakamichi no Apollon’ is a Josei anime with lots of drama, music and also romance. It is entertaining and engaging because that both the drama and also music lovers. ‘Sakamichi no Apollon’ evokes similar feelings favor that that ‘Nana’ except a gender swap as the protagonists in conversation are male. The reflects share typical features favor two nearby friends as key characters and also a keen emphasis on experimenting the musical potential of the plot. However ‘Sakamichi no Apollon’ takes a diversion as soon as it adheres to the route of drama i beg your pardon is inevitable when it concerns the nuances of love and relationships.

Kaoru Nishimi, among the main personalities in the anime moves to Kyushu come enroll in a high school. He is an excellent at academics and is a classical pianist. Having actually moved from ar to place throughout his childhood, Kaoru finds himself an introverted blacks heep everywhere. He is apprehensive around being one outcast in the new place too. However when the crosses paths with Sentarou Kawabuchi, an additional delinquent that loves Jazz an ext than something in the world, his life takes a revolve for the better. Sentarou instills a fire for Jazz in ~ Kaoru and he beginning learning an ext about it. The starts play the piano during their jazz-sessions at the basement the a friend’s home. Kaoru quickly finds out that music can aid a person to come out of his covering while entertain others.

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6. Heaven Kiss (2005)


The romance drama anime ‘Paradise Kiss’ is a standalone item of work-related which attributes pretty kind animation and other production values choose a soulful soundtrack. The anime arouses similar feelings like that of ‘Nana,’ yet in various wavelengths. The drama and romance are rather intense but what provides it interesting is its aproach that treats every personalities with equal consideration. Choose ‘Nana,’ the anime provides us save guessing about the characters’ future, which is full of uncertainties in every corner. This provides the plot fairly intriguing.

Yukari Hayasaka, one of the main personalities in the anime, is knows together studious disciple. She nurtures the dream of becoming the topper in her college entrance exam. She doesn’t care which college she it s okay in as long as she can leave the sleepy hometown behind. However her parents set their very own agenda for your daughter. One day she meets a strange individual through piercings and stuff. She make the efforts to get away native him yet instead, she ends up going v him and meeting his friends. They are a bunch that fashion-designers who desire her to it is in a model of their last project. But she is torn in between the offer and also her dream of acquiring into some far-off university. To make thinks more complicated, she falls for the leader of the group.

5. Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (2003)


‘Kimi ga Nozomu Eien’ is quite similar to ‘Nana’ once it involves the complicated romance among the central characters. The display offers a fair amound the drama and also falls right into the group of the slice-of-life genre. So, if friend are right into drama and romance, go ahead and try it out. Takayuki Narumi, Mitsuki Hayase and Haruka Suzumiya space the main characters of the anime.

The plot follows Mitsuki and her ideal friend Haruka who hides feelings for Takayuki. In stimulate to help her girlfriend to express her love, Mitsuki befriends Tkayuki. However as time progress Mitsuki, Takayuki and Shinji, that is friend of Takayuki, come to be close friends. Finally, Haruka opens up up her secret to Takayuki who, does not desire to break she heart, starts dating her. But things transforms upside down as soon as Takayuki and Mitsuki develop feelings for each other. Despite they don’t recognize what to do, every one of them know that their life and also friendships will never ever be the same.

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4. Peach Girl (2005)


If you space a drama anime lover, then you might come throughout the location ‘Peach Girl’ at the very least once. The collection has many drama and romance and has a total of 25 episodes with each being 24 minute in length. The series is sort of comparable to ‘Nana’ mainly since of the high dramatic and also romantic content. ‘Peach Girl’ likewise features a love triangle and the protagonist is a solid female character. Despite ‘Nana’ is far better than ‘Peach Girl’ in state of manufacturing values, the latter is quiet an engaging watch for those who love the genre.

The anime revolves approximately a girl called Momo Adachi that a girl-next-door form high school student. She is an great swimmer and a member of the swim team. Together an aftermath of her extreme swimming lessons, she skin has come to be tanned. But people judge she for her tanned appearance and also bullies she by phone call names. In the midst of together day-to-day frictions, she keeps feelings for a boy named Toji who is recognized for his weakness for tanned girls. Momo make the efforts to it is in the girl she thinks his right match. But things never go together she expected. Momo’s friend Sae, who is a trouble maker, decides come stab her girlfriend in the back by starting an affair v Toji. During all this dramatic events, there to be someone that really likes Momo without her knowledge.

3. Beck (2004)


Though a small lesser well-known than the the various other entrants top top this list, ‘Beck’ is a kind anime with drama, romance and also music in ~ its core. The is an entertaining collection with great music and also a gripping plot. The collection does share some similarities v ‘Nana’. Both the shows have actually outstanding music departments and also they discover lives of musicians and also the an imaginative process behind an excellent music. It does emphasis on drama, romance and relationships too, but not as lot as ‘Nana.’ If you like musical television series or space a fan of ‘Nana,’ then you should offer this anime a try.

Koyuki is a 14-year-old boy that wanders aimlessly and known for his carefree attitude. At some point he saves a dog named Beck and befriends that is owner ray Minami, a famous guitarist and also a member that a well known rock band. Beam takes Koyuki through him come his former band and shows that his guitar skills. Koyuki is impressed through the music and guitar. He desires to learn western absent music and also guitar. The boy likewise starts to aid Ray to end up being the leader the a popular band. They soon form their band follow me Ray’s sister Maho and also her friends.Rest that the story chronicles the struggles and rise of the tape on its way to success.

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2. Skip Beat! (2008)


‘Skip Beat!’ is an additional entertaining anime which deals with drama, romance and also music. The is a bit light-hearted and leans more towards comedy. The collection captures a clues on this list because of its similarities with ‘Nana.’ Both shows feature a female personality in the lead who hail from similar backgrounds. They desire to become successful and also popular in the entertain industry. Together I pointed out before, this collection has a lighter ton while ‘Nana’ chooses a much more serious ton of storytelling.

The plot complies with a 16-year-old girl called Kyouko Mogami who is a hard-working and intelligent student. The girl also keeps feelings for Shoutarou Fuwa, a climbing star in the popular music music scene and also her boyfriend. She does everything she deserve to to support him even if it means working tirelessly in ~ burger joints together a part-time assistant. However soon, she learns that Shoutarou cheat on she by utilizing her just for money. She leaves him and decides to take revenge by authorized the to chat business and also outshine him in his realm. However things are never easy for a debutante in the cutthroat music industry. Can Mogami follow she dream and also pay earlier her vengeance?

1. Hachimitsu come Clover(2011)


‘Hachimitsu come Clover’ is a Josei anime dealing with drama, romance and a slice-of-life stuff. The is again a less popular however entertaining anime. It shares plenty of similarities with ‘Nana’. Both anime have actually nice and also unique art and also animation. They explore the drama and relationship in detail. They deserve to be funny in ~ times however it usually boils under to the lives of characters and the interpersonal relationships. Shinobu, Takumi and also Yuuta room college students that come from negative families. Castle share a cheap apartment which has no bath. The still suits their humble needs.

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The three friends are quite different from one another. Shinobu is whimsical and also mysterious while Takumi is for this reason passionate about everything. The easiest of every is Yuuta who has normal and also reasonable dreams and desires. The students examine in an arts college whereby they satisfy Hagumi, a talented girl that is constantly accompanied by she guardian, Shuuji. Initially, she is a little bit withdrawn but gets accustomed come the boys together the days pass by. Yuuta and also Shinobu fall for her however Yuuta tries his finest to hide feelings. Shinobu goes the other method and stars weirdly expressing his love i m sorry repels Hagumi. The remainder of the story relies on the dramatic advances that test the toughness of their friendship and love.