As the title says, this four pets must fight come the death in a free-for-all battle. All 4 pets are in a very large cage and also are bloodlusted. Over there is one medium-sized Tree in the center of the cafe with a few broken branches ~ above the floor at the basic of it.

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For clarification: The be afflicted with is a Grizzly Bear. The lion is an african Lion. The Gorilla is a Silverback. The Anaconda is.. An Anaconda Python.

The fight ends when only one pet is left alive. Assume the each animal starts turn off in a different corner.


Assuming no one of the animals notice the snake, climate the anaconda wins

Assuming the snake is noticed, then I’d give the win to the grizzly.

The grizzly is a strength house and in a pure fight versus a lion or gorilla it would certainly win.

People store talking around the anaconda having a opportunity here, however I don’t see it. Castle ambush predators that occasionally down points the dimension of a leopard. The snake can potentially take the gorilla, maybe the lion if verrry lucky, however yogi...

This is a be afflicted with stomp. Brown bears space the physically scariest land pet without contest. Hell, i think the bear would stand a possibility in a 1 v 3 v this matchup ( yes sir this is a stretch). Bears are bigger, stronger, and far an ext dangerous than any of the other three.

The only means this goes any means but ursine is if by opportunity it walk turn into a 3 or 2 ~ above one, climate the others may be able to bring down teddy, but I don’t choose their chances. Be afflicted with 8 or 9/10

Bear wins. Despite Anaconda most likely gets taken the end first, however Assuming the Anaconda beginning on the tree it probably kills the Gorilla before Dying come the be afflicted with or Lion.

Its a toss up between the grizzly and also the anaconda. Most most likely in the grizzlys favor. The anacondas just chance is hope the rather fight and it can acquire take down the bear, because its the only one through a possibility of beating it. Then it can shot to take down the dilute gorilla or lion. Honestly though the grizzly takes it 8/10.

The Anaconda is a wild-card.

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Grizzly should win (excluding the Anaconda getting a bite off) there is no too lot difficulty.


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