Scientific Facts

Common NameAfrican Fat-Tailed GeckoScientific NameHermitheconyx caudicinctusLife SpanIn captivity, in between 10 to 25 years, in the wild, unknown.

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Size7 come 9 inches long from head come tail 40 to 90 grams that weightHabitatDry and also arid regionsCountry of OriginOnly in West Africa native Senegal come Cameroon

Physical Description

Image SourceThe african Fat-Tailed Gecko isa lizard that’s usual in the western components of Africa. It is a nocturnal animalthat resides underground in the desert locations of the continent. This should not beconfused through the common leopard gecko since these lizards might look similarbut have actually different shade markings, tail size, and overall size.
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This gecko may not be readilyavailable in many pet shops locally, however it is well-known online. It has actually charmedlizard lovers since of its beloved appearance, docile nature, and also theirability come thrive an extremely well in captivity.The afri Fat-Tailed Gecko issexually dimorphic, v male lizards larger and more stunning than theirfemale counterparts. This lizard is a medium-sized gecko through an averageweight. The woman is larger in this types and might look very delicate. Your skin has impressive colorcombinations varying from beige come tan with brown stripes v a slightly pinkto the off-white underbelly. Over there is a unique thin white line from the headto the tail the this gecko, and also this is what renders it various from various other petlizards.The afri Fat-Tailed Gecko hassmall cute black color eyes that deserve to be round, triangular, or almond-shaped. Countless petowners say the this is the many charming attribute of this small gecko.Finally, it has a distinct large and thick tail, i beg your pardon is why it has earned itsname “fat-tailed” gecko. The tail has actually vertical segments that progressively becomesthinner as much as the tip of the tail.


Image SourceThe afri Fat-Tailed Geckobelongs come the sub-family Eublepharinae. Renowned members the this family members includethe leopard gecko native South central Asia, Pakistan, and also India. Contrasted toother subfamilies, the Eublepharinae have different features than other geckos.These lizards space terrestrial and are nocturnal. Also, this subfamily hasmoveable eyelids, no difficult feet or adhesive lamellae, and has vertical pupils.And similar to most gecko species, the afri Fat-Tailed Gecko may lose itstail once it feels endangered or in stress. If it loses its tail, a brand-new one cangrow in the place. More on this distinct characteristic of this gecko later.

Life Span

Image SourceThe african Fat-Tailed Gecko canlive because that 10 to 25 year in captivity with an mean of 15 years. There is noinformation as to how lengthy this gecko can live in the wild. According to theIUCN Red List, this gecko types is of the very least Concern. This is since it iswidespread and common in its organic habitat. This lizard may only it is in affectedby localized threats. The afri Fat-Tailed Gecko hasthree life stages comparable to many lizard species:1) HatchlingsAfter a fast gestation period,baby hatchlings will come the end of their eggs. Every hatchling weighs just 4 gramsand is already able come walk and look for food.2) JuvenileDuring the youth stage, bothmale and also female african Fat-Tailed Geckos will prosper equally. The male andfemale will have actually the exact same weight and also size. Yet the males may have actually a morecolorful appearance. 3) AdultAdult afri Fat-Tailed Geckosreach maturity in between 8 to 11 months. The males begin to thrive larger andheavier 보다 females. Mating between male and also female geckos is polyandrous,which way the male and also the mrs may have actually partners in a breeding season.

Eating Habits

The fat-tailed gecko eats a lotof insects in the wild. In captivity, these lizards will certainly eat live food likemealworms and also crickets. Girlfriend may also feed this gecko waxworms, silkworms, andpinkie mice. However, these need to only be provided as a supplement due to the fact that thesehave high-fat content.Babies or geckos that areyounger than 4 months need to be provided live crickets daily. Juvenile and also adultgeckos must be fed at least nine crickets or mealworms a week.Pick the cricket; you will feedyour lizard. It need to be the correct size so her pet can eat it appropriate away.Expert lizard proposal ½ size crickets that room hatchlings 6 weeks old and2/3 size crickets for a juvenile to adult. You have the right to place crickets within thecage or enclosure, permitted to move about the area. But if the lizard does noteat the cricket after ~ a few hours, eliminate it. You can leave mealworms in ashallow dish inside the enclosure.You should gut fill the insectsyou feed with commercial gut pack mix, or you might use baby cereal, dog, or catfood or fish flakes. Other pet owner gut pack their insects v romainelettuce, dandelions, or irpari greens. In case you have never heard the gutloading, this is a technique of using prey insects together a means to pass nutrients toyour pet. Use calcium flour to dust food prior to giving the to her pet.And since this gecko isnocturnal, feed it in the evenings as soon as it is many active. Don’t leaving its preyroaming within the tank in the morning. Simply load that in as soon as the gecko isawake. 


Image SourceAfrican Fat-Tailed Geckos needfresh water. Ar a food of clean water inside its enclosure. Readjust thiswater daily and also make certain to clean the dish on regular basis too to protect against bacterialcontamination of the enclosure.Water in a huge shallow dishfor swim is not essential by land-dwelling lizards choose the afri Fat-TailedGecko. It would like to remain under the desk lamp to bask rather than to swim inthe water.

Development and Reproduction

Image SourceIn fat-tailed geckos, thecompetition throughout reproduction exists only in males and also is not a pressureamong woman geckos. As mentioned, the mating device is facility since malesand females may have actually multiple partners in a breeding season in a year. The reproduction season lasts foronly five months a year, and at this time, both adult males are really busymating and looking because that mates.Female afri Fat-Tailed Geckosmay lay up to 5 clutches in a year, however some females might lay fewer eggs. Thegestation period is short, and when that over, infant geckos will tear the eggsapart and also come out. Each infant gecko weighs around 4 grams yet will quickly doubletheir size and also weight in a matter of a few weeks.

How to Breed

Image SourceWhen it concerns breedingAfrican Fat-Tailed Geckos, you require a healthy, adult, or sexually-mature geckos.According to expert gecko breeders, castle start when the males are 7 month oldand must weigh approximately 40 grams. Part breeders choose a reproduction male, butthis is not always the oldest and the heaviest yet most most likely the healthiest.Meanwhile, females have to be at the very least 8 months of age and also must sweet 45 grams.Captive breeding of afri Fat-Tailed Geckos has actually led to different colors,designs, and traits the fat-tailed geckos. Breeding time for captive geckoshappens native November to March. As lot as possible, follow the naturalbreeding bike of these pets in the wild. What breeders have actually experienced,breeding in so late fall, in winter and also in springtime has actually the finest success.Start by cooling the enclosureBreeders recommend stimulatingthe herbal timing of breeding, i beg your pardon is during the coolest time of the year.This short cooling down duration can stimulate breeding in geckos, especiallywhen girlfriend live in a heat or dried area. However, this may not be necessary if youare located in one area where there are four distinct seasons.To provide a cool environment,start the middle of the year with fall. Typical temperatures are 88 to 92degrees Fahrenheit in a hotspot if the cooler next of your enclosure shouldbe about 75 to 80 levels Fahrenheit.Reduce the enclosure temperatureby two levels daily until geckos have 82 degrees in the hotspot. At the coolerpart the the cage should be at around 70 degrees. You may turn off the heatinside the cage at night to lower temperatures in the mid-1970s.Place the fat-tails top top drybedding or substrate like document towels or newspapers as her geckos remain in acooling period. Constantly maintain a clean bowl of water inside the tank at alltimes. Once you cool under the tank, don’t feed them. Lowering tank temperaturescan slow down the line of the lizards; therefore, these won’t burn toomuch weight at this period. Cool the tank under for around 4 to 6 weeks. Thiswill be sufficient to stimulate reproduction in both males and females.And ~ this long cooling phase,you have the right to start raising the temperature inside the tank everyday until girlfriend areback to the typical tank temperature. During the warm period, resume feeding,but during the first couple of days, alleviate the number of live feedings. And insteadof using papers or record towels, increase the substrate to boost humidityinside the tank. Presenting males to femalesOnce the tank is earlier to itsregular temperature and also you are offering your lizards their usual quantity of food,you might now present males and also females. You can use multiple tanks to groupthe geckos for reproduction success.A breeder insurance claims he has actually a highersuccess price by leaving one masculine to two or 3 females in one tank. Usually,breeding happens shortly after the introduction, and females will certainly quicklyovulate v eggs occurring shortly afterward.After the introduction, place anegg crate inside the tank but not straight under the lamp or in the hotspot toprevent dry of the eggs. One egg box through a feet that’s s1.5-inches on optimal isright because that females. This way, she can move in and also out that the egg box as shepleases. To fill the area neighboring the egg box v damp soil. Location a smallamount that damp soil inside the egg box, together well.Always keep a near eye on thefemales since sometimes these will lay your eggs external the egg box.Usually, females put eggs 2 at a time when some may lay just one egg. During egg-laying season,females must be fed heavily. You must offer she food, as lot as she cantake. Gut feed the insects you offer your mrs and add supplements together well.This will ensure that the female remains healthy and her eggs healthy and balanced as well.Care because that eggs that have actually hatchedAs shortly as you view eggsdeposited within the egg box, remove these and place these inside an eggincubation cup. Use an 8-ounce cup to incubate the eggs. Fill these through thesame soil mix inside the tank. Wet the soil until this is damp. This is thebest setting to incubate afri Fat-Tailed Gecko eggs.Take note that incubationtemperatures will influence the sex of the hatchlings. One all-female orpredominant female clutch is incubated 83 to 85 degrees. For much more males orpredominant masculine hatchlings, one incubation temperature that 88 to 89 degrees isbest. However, a higher enclosure temperature have the right to make the reproduction geckos moreaggressive. A thing dubbed “fatal incubation” happens as soon as temperatures arelower 보다 82 and higher than 93.Incubation time is indigenous 55 to 70days for eggs incubated in ~ 83 come 85 degrees. Egg that room incubated in ~ 88 to89 degrees will hatch from 43 to 48 days. As soon as hatchlings come out of theeggs, place these in a tank inside wall with file towels. The temperaturerequirements for the tank is similar to the tanks through adult afri Fat-TailedGeckos. Offer food to newly-hatched geckos after ~ a couple of days. And as shortly asthese weigh roughly 15 grams, you might now location these in juvenile tanks orhousing.

Common health and wellness Problems

Image SourceHere are the five commonproblems the African Fat-Tailed Geckos experience:1) negative sheddingThe capacity to melted completelyand quickly is one way to gauge great health in geckos. Healthy and balanced lizards the livein one enclosure through a an excellent environment will burned regularly. This is come thepoint the the pet owner might not even an alert that shedding has happened!Take keep in mind of indicators of sheddingdifficulties favor skin shedding in pieces instead of one piece, skin clingingon the tail or the eyes, and signs the restlessness.Any grounding skin should be removedright away because this deserve to cling ~ above the extremity and can reason constrictionand damage. If you deserve to handle your gecko, soak it in heat water for a fewminutes. Friend may additionally use a gecko sauna box using a plastic container and warmwater. Just place the lizard in and let the water soften the dead skin.But for any severe sheddingcondition, above a vet at once. A vet can assist remove shedding and will alsotreat wounds or cuts as result of incomplete shedding.2) Metabolic Bone DiseaseGeckos need calcium for strongbones and vitamin D3 come metabolize calcium. Calcium additionally are obtainable inwhich you can feed your lizards if vitamin D3 is detailed by using UVB lampsin your tank. MBD is the lack of calcium inbones, and also symptoms space deformities in the lizard’s skeletal system. Thisoccurs end time however may likewise show acute symptoms like bowed legs, a rubberyjaw that affects the method they eat their food and kinks in the spine, which canbe seen upon closer inspection.Some hatchlings space born withthe i can not qualify to to produce calcium, causing MBD. Also, females that hatchtheir egg require an ext calcium. MBD is reversible by raising vitamin D3 andcalcium intake. You deserve to directly apply calcium supplement by simply dipping yourfinger in the calcium powder and also applying this on her gecko’s mouth. Friend mustalso invest in a dependable UVB lamp for daily vitamin D3 intake.3) ParasitesGeckos come v a low level ofparasites, i beg your pardon don’t impact their health. Yet if the gecko becomes stressedor suffer from any type of immune mechanism condition, the parasites can multiply, andthis can impact his health. Also, this microorganisms deserve to multiply and also affectother animals and also even humans.To avoid the spread of parasitesand infections, quarantine a new lizard. Always check for indicators of parasiticinfections choose smelly or runny poop, load loss, a bloated abdomen, anorexia,and lethargy or lack of energy.If you notice any the thesesymptoms, take her pet come the vet. Clean and also disinfect your gecko’s enclosureto stop reinfection.4) WoundsSometimes geckos like theAfrican Fat-Tailed Gecko have the right to have confrontations with other geckos found in thesame tank. And any fights commonly don’t end well with geckos due to the fact that theselizards might bite every other and also scratch their skin.Any sort of wound have to betreated best away. Tiny cuts and also wounds should be washed through clean water anddisinfected v Betadine or any type of disinfectant. Because that deeper and worse cuts, takeyour gecko to the vet for suitable treatment.5) StressGeckos are prone to stress. Itmay it is in due to numerous reasons prefer a brand-new environment, a new cage mate,overcrowding, negative husbandry, and breeding. Emphasize geckos nothing heat, mayhave depression immune systems, and also may have problems shedding. The best means totreat stressed geckos is to eliminate the stressor, give it time to adjust to hisnew environment, and also just leaving it alone. Sometimes, as well much handling can alsostress a gecko.

Preventing Illness

Image SourceTo protect against illness and otherhealth conditions, store the tank temperature and also humidity at the best levels.This is the most common reason why pet geckos favor the afri Fat-Tailed Geckoexperience some illnesses. Permit a key of water to remain inside the tankbecause this will not simply serve together your pet’s s water dish but also a method toimprove humidity inside the tank.Also, keep the tank clean. Adirty, unkempt tank can lead to the growth of bacteria within the enclosure andcan influence the health and wellness of her lizards. You must clean the tank through a goodcleaning product and also never commodities that can leave residue and toxins insidethe tank.Provide the ideal food for yourgecko and constantly feed it organic food. Never record insects and also worms in youryard because these may contain toxin from pesticides, i beg your pardon can influence yourgecko. Take advantage of live insects to feed your gecko supplements andnutrients.Quarantine new lizards. Thesenew pet may present pests, mites, and illnesses to her old pets, therefore youmust clean its wellness condition prior to you present it come the main tank. Allowa week quarantine duration to ascendancy out disease or pests. 


Image SourceTo much better understand your petAfrican Fat-Tailed Gecko, acquire to understand its plenty of unique behaviorsSheddingGeckos burned regularly. This isthe skin’s way of adjusting itself due to the fact that of a lizard’s cultivation body.Naturally, smaller, juvenile african Fat-Tailed Geckos will melted morefrequently 보다 an adult or maturation ones. And also when her gecko is shedding,increase humidity within the tank v a key of water. Avoid handling your petand simply monitor for indicators of incomplete shedding.DocilebehaviorOne that the reasons why theAfrican Fat-Tailed Gecko is a popular pet is due to the fact that of that docile nature. Manyfirst-time gecko or lizard owners choose this varieties to a leopard geckobecause of its even temperament and an excellent nature. It i will not ~ bite and won’t wiggleout of your hand, as well.Willmate with an ext femalesThis varieties of a gecko willmate with much more females, if females will mate with much more males possiblybecause of an natural need to multiply. This is why successful breeders ar asingle male through two, three, or much more females within a reproduction tank.Arenot good parentsGeckos are not really goodparents. A female will lay egg in the ground or within an egg box in captivityand i will not ~ come ago to examine on its eggs. That won’t care for that young afterthese have hatched from their shells too.Donot rise wallsAfrican Fat-Tailed Geckos don’thave difficult feet or adhesive lamellae, unlike other gecko species. This is whyyou can keep this gecko top top a tank with reduced walls fairly than a high tank withtight covers. Willgrow that is tailbackOne of the adaptations the the AfricanFat-Tailed Gecko is its capability to burned off that is tail once it feel attacked,stressed, or threatened. The shed tail will be replaced with a rounded tailthat looks like its head. This is another an approach of adaptation through this clevergecko come fool the predators. NocturnalanimalThis is a gecko that will sleepand rest in the day but will be active, eating, playing, and mating in theevening.


Image SourceShedding is usually complete(whole body in one go) for healthy lizards and in lizards get an impressive in the idealenvironment. However some geckos may have incomplete shedding wherein components of thetail, hands, feet, and also eyes have actually a an overwhelming time come shed. The old skin fallsoff in flakes describe metabolic problems.To respond to incomplete sheddingand to assist geckos shed completely, enhance humidity levels inside the tank. Ifyou deserve to handle your pet well, soak the in heat water for at the very least a couple of minutesto loosen dead skin. After ~ this, dead skin will certainly be quickly removed.Shedding happens routinely injuveniles and can take place less typically in adults and also in senior geckos.Shedding is likewise stressful to most geckos, for this reason it’s constantly best to leaving yourpet alone and also just intervene once there are difficulties with shedding.


Image SourceThe best tank dimension is a10-gallon tank, but a bigger 20-gallon one is likewise a an excellent idea. One or twogeckos have the right to stay in one tank, but during reproduction time, remember to place onemale is to 2 or an ext females for better breeding success.When picking a tank, it is in surethat over there is quiet room because that the gecko’s dishes, food, and also water dishes. Theremust be rocks, branches, and areas wherein the gecko deserve to sit and bask. Althoughthis gecko can’t climb walls, you should still sheathe the top with a display coverto prevent other pets or predators indigenous entering the tank.Place a lock top top the sheathe tosecure her pet. The tank need to be put in a quiet environment, preferably aspare room, basement, or attic so that this gecko deserve to sleep and also recuperateduring the day. This is a nocturnal animal and also will be active during the nighttime.

Lighting, Humidity, and also Temperature

Image SourceYou must have actually an effective andeffective lighting device for your gecko. Incandescent irradiate is the best,according to pet owners. That is likewise recommended the you disclose your geckos toa minimum the 12 hours of irradiate to mimic daylight.Good incandescent bright isalso a good source that heat. Your tank must likewise sit on height of an under-cageheating pad. This type of heater will keep the tank interiors at 75 to 90degrees Fahrenheit in the morning and also between 85 come 90 levels Fahrenheit inthe nighttime.Use a mister v water andapply a spray of water inside the tank to preserve tank humidity. Use ahumidifier if friend want more accurate humidity levels. Also, a key of water isa an excellent way to preserve tank humidity. Save this water clean always.

Tank Bedding and Accessories

Image SourceAfrican Fat-Tailed Geckos arenocturnal, so carry out areas whereby it have the right to sleep peacefully in the morning. Youcan it is in as sophisticated or as straightforward as friend can, however remember her pet’s safetymost of all. The equipment you place inside should be safe, must have actually nojagged or pointed edges that have the right to hurt your pets.You may likewise DIY accessorieslike a turned over clay pot, a shoebox v holes, or a plastic container.Place the lizard’s shelter close to the heat resource as lot as possible.For the bedding or substrate,use file substrate for basic cleaning. Usage newspaper, butcher, or pack paperor paper towel. Perform not use sand since the gecko have the right to ingest this, and this canimpact the stomach or intestine. Carry out not usage substrate products with also muchsmell, which have the right to instantly influence the health and wellness of geckos.


Clean her gecko’s cage withsafe and also effective cleaners. Sometimes basic cleaners work well 보다 expensivecleaners. You deserve to use bleach, dishwashing soap, and also water. Make certain to rinseeverything prior to you ar the gecko inside. Girlfriend may also use baking soda toclean the tank and remove foul odors.If you desire to use chemicalcleaners, follow the accuse on the covering carefully. Never use twoproducts at a time and always rinse well v running water. Dried the tank usingpaper towels prior to placing all the accessories and your pets in. You may alsoremove disease-causing bacteria through boiling water.

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Availability – wherein to gain One?

Image SourceYou can gain an AfricanFat-Tailed Gecko native a local pet store or reptile profession shop, however it have the right to taketime prior to you take one home. This lizard is typically ordered indigenous a trader orsupplier online. The price because that a continuous African Fat-Tailed Gecko is around$1300, if those with an ext interesting designs and elaborate colors may costmore roughly $1500 come $2000.Male geckos are regularly moreexpensive 보다 females. Prepared to breed geckos are more expensive 보다 juvenilegeckos.

How to treatment for an afri Fat-Tailed Gecko