Lore Awaits

one ever-expanding RPG with two decades" precious of adventures! Step right into a civilization beset through peril and monsters. Increase as a hero.

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Lost Talon Mastercraft collection - holy place of the four Skies:Xilar"s trip takes you to the holy place of the four Skies. Where 2 legacies damaged under the Devourer"s influence, girlfriend will uncover the fate that the Wind Orb"s initial shrine... And what this valley"s long-lost protectors will make that you.


Mogloween 2021 - Zombie"s Landing:Happy Mogloween! one of AQ"s most popular and also longest running occasions has returned! Adventure door-to-door and also collect tons of candy which you have the right to then revolve in for awesome seasonal rares. This year it"s a zombie apocalypse! Wait, no, it"s an apocalypse that zombies!! that sounds favor it can either be a negative thing or an even worse one... Time to evaluation the rules of survival through your other zombie hunters and go terminate this shamblers prior to they overrun Lore!


20K Z-Token package - Moglicorn Booster Pet:Mazey the Moglicorn is all dressed up and ready because that the Harvest Fest season, an increasing the power of your planet attacks!


6K Z-Token package - heart of Harvest Misc:This ethereal charm provides you resistance to earth attacks and love because that the earth"s bounty (+CHA)! It likewise normally gives +10% yellow from battles as soon as in your active inventory, and a +25% rise during November!

classes & Subraces

Master course armors to gain unique skills. Gain new powers by choosing a subrace. Vampire, Lycan, and more!

equipment & devices

25000+ weapons, armors, spells, pets, and an ext to collect. Unlock brand-new items and also rewards together you level up!

real estate & mansions

Buy a home to create resources. Get estate bonuses. Advanced an military + send it right into battle.

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