Welcome native detective, we need your assist with this native puzzle. Can we count on friend to fix the mystery?

We need to insert the letter iinto the word below to make a brand-new word:


The letter deserve to be placed all over in the word yet we cannot confusing the bespeak of the letters.

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Let’s include the letter ns at the start of the word.

ipant - This doesn’t do a actual word.

How around after the an initial letter?

piant - Also, not a genuine word.

Let’s shot after the 2nd letter:

paint - we have found our actual word!


Which actual word have the right to we make if we insert the letter n into words below?


Let’s see what the word would look prefer with the letter included in different positions:

PositionWord createdReal or not?
Before 1st letternpatNot real
After 1st letterpnatNot real
After 2nd letterpantReal! We have actually a winner!
After third letterpatnNot real

The exactly answer is pant.

Let’s try another:

Which actual word deserve to we do if us insert the letter m into words below?


Let’s see what the word would look like with the letter included in various positions:

PositionWord createdReal or not?
Before 1st lettermteaNot real
After 1st lettertmeaNot real
After 2nd lettertemaNot real
After 3rd letterteamReal! We have a winner!

The correct answer is team.


Now, it’s your turn to create brand-new words by inserting letters.

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Pssstt!! Here’s a handy hint to assist you with superstar status:

Say each of the newly formed words the end loud, this will assist you torecognisewhich persons are genuine words.