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mark Antony is the better rhetorician, and also his speech is more effective than Brutus"s.

One an essential mistake Brutus do (beyond letting Antony speak in ~ all) was permitting Antony come speak after ~ him. Past that, however, while Brutus offered a competent and also even moving speech, his goal was much less ambitious than...

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Mark Antony is the far better rhetorician, and also his speech is an ext effective 보다 Brutus"s.

One crucial mistake Brutus made (beyond letting Antony speak in ~ all) was enabling Antony come speak after ~ him. Past that, however, when Brutus offered a competent and even relocating speech, his goal was much less ambitious 보다 Antony"s. Brutus wanted to justify the conspirators in their assassination the Caesar, a beloved leader. That does that very effectively by appealing to the crowd, telling them the although he love Caesar, he loved Rome more. That convinces the crowd that Caesar was maybe on the road to tyranny and that fairly than being self-interested, the conspirators did what they go to save their country. Through the finish of the speech, Brutus has actually turned the crowd his means and dodged the bullet of being viewed as a cold-blooded assassin.

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A decided designed to save one"s own skin, however, isn"t most likely to have the resonance the a speech prefer Antony"s, that rises the end of his deep love for Caesar and outrage in ~ his death. Antony go what Brutus does, which is come appeal come the crowd, however he goes past Brutus. First, having promised not to to speak anything an unfavorable about Brutus and the conspirators, he nevertheless manages to mock and also cast aspersions on castle by repeating over and also over that they were "honorable men" until it sounds choose the opposite. Second, he speaks at greater length and from his heart around his love because that Caesar and also Caesar"s love for the people. Third, he supplies props, reflecting the crowd Caesar"s knife slashed and also bloody robe, climate revealing the Caesar treated the human being generously in his will. By the time he is done, the crowd is as angry at the conspirators as he is and out because that blood. Antony doesn"t merely want to justify himself: he desires to incite the crowd versus the conspirators, and in the he succeeds.