The lot of surface that a airplane figure consists is calledits area. That unit is square centimeters or square meters etc.

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Wecan find the area that the surface enclosed, by detect the number of completeunit squares inside the figure attracted on a square sheet. The unit the area issquare centimeter. 

A rectangle, a square, a triangle and also a circle are allexamples that closed plane figures.

In the complying with figures, the shaded region of every of the thing is the surface inhabited by it. We speak to it area.

Interior and Exterior the a Region

The component of the aircraft enclosed by a closed number is calledthe interior an ar and the part of the airplane outside the enclosed figure iscalled the exterior region.


In the nearby figure a rectangle ABCD is shown. It’s interior and also exterior areas are also shown here.

Area is always measured in squares and the unit the area square units (sq. Cm., sq. M. Or cm2, m2).

Let us draw some plane shape ~ above a square paper as presented below.


Here, we deserve to see that the shape at number (i) is the the smallest in dimension or we deserve to say the it encloses least room or surface ar than figure (ii) and figure (iii). Let us compare the surface of document enclosed by each shapes. The form at number (i) encloses just one unit square on the graph sheet. The form at figure (ii) encloses 4 unit squares and the form at number (iii) encloses 9 unit squares on the graph sheet. Us observe that bigger shapes encloses more surface 보다 the the smallest shapes. The surface enclosed by a airplane shape is called its area.

Measuring Regions:

We understand that a level surface is referred to as a plane. A square, atriangle and a circle space some examples of plane shapes. The amount of surfaceenclosed is referred to as its area. We can calculate the area the a aircraft shape drawnon a square paper by count the unit squares fastened by it.

For rarely often rare shapes, we count 2 half squares together one andignore those squares whose less than fifty percent part is fastened by the figure.

Unit the Area:

The area is measure up in square units. A square of next 1 centimeter or 1 m is provided as typical units. Smaller unit of areais square centimeter or sq. Cm. Bigger areas are measure up in meters and kilometers.

We measure up a given region by a unit region and uncover how manysuch unit regions are consisted of in the provided region.


The measure of a region is referred to as its area.

The area is always expressed in square units. The conventional units that are usually used for measuring area are square centimeter and also square meter.

The area of asquare through side 1 cm each is 1 centimeter × 1 centimeter = 1 square centimeter. In short, it is expressed together cm2 or sq. Cm.

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The area of asquare through side 1 m each is 1 m × 1 m = 1 square meter. In short, the is expressed as m2 or sq. M.