The rhyme system of "A Red, Red Rose" is ABCB DEFE FGFG HIHI, developing an upbeat musical quality. The very first two quatrains—where the speaker describes his love for a lady—follow a ballad’s luck scheme. A rhyme (“dear”) in the third quatrain web links it come the second quatrain. In the third and 4th quatrains, alternate rhyming lines intensify the speaker’s show of his love. Here, the shifts into emphasizing the depth and endurance of his love.

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“A Red, Red Rose” has actually the structural type of a ballad with a slightly altered rhyme scheme. This romantic poem is composed of four quatrains (i.e., stanzas of four lines each). The first two quatrains monitor the rhyme scheme common of a ballad: ABCB DEFE . The endings...

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“A Red, Red Rose” has the structural form of a ballad v a slightly altered rhyme scheme. This romantic poem is created of 4 quatrains (i.e., stanzas of four lines each). The an initial two quatrains follow the luck scheme usual of a ballad: ABCB DEFE. The end of the an initial and third lines do not rhyme; the end of the second and 4th lines do rhyme v “une” (as in “June” and also “tune”). The endings of the fifth and also seventh currently do not rhyme; the end of the sixth and also eighth lines do rhyme through a lengthy i sound (as in “I” and “dry”).

This classic rhyme system creates a neat, singsong-y sound in the an initial two quatrains. In these lines, the speaker explains to a pretty young lady his love because that her: beautiful, fresh, and also sweet.

In the second two quatrains, the happiness scheme transforms to FGFG HIHI. The end of the ninth and also eleventh lines rhyme (“dear”), as carry out the endings of the tenth and also twelfth lines (“sun” and also “run”), the thirteenth and also fifteenth lines (“luve”), and fourteenth and sixteenth currently (“awhile” and “mile”).

These eight lines alternating in rhymed endings and continue the poem’s neat, singsong-y pattern. The watch minor adjust in luck scheme, though, is far-reaching for 2 reasons.

First, the finishing of the nine line repeats the ending of the seventh heat (“dear”). This repetition links the 3rd quatrain to the fourth quatrain just as the speaker’s tone boosts in intensity. He now emphasizes the extreme degree of his feelings because that his “dear” object of affection v hyperbole. That compares the depth and also longevity the his love to seemingly improbable occasions far in the future. His passion is so solid and enduring the it will certainly last till the oceans dry up and the sun melts the Earth. An ext realistically, his love will last till his death.

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Second, the alternative rhyming currently parallel the soot of his profession of love. The repeat of “dear” (lines nine and eleven) and also “luve” (lines thirteen and also fifteen) forcefully show his insistence the devotion. The rhyming endings of lines fourteen (“awhile”) and sixteen (“mile”) emphasize his love’s duration through time and space.