Derives from High Seas, a thorough GIS compilation the world wide ports that is in the public domain.

Loosely based on the work of Craig. Combing v several other datasets and original research.

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Location values

WARNING: this values are still in flux.

Ordered best to worst

Land office – for marinas and also cargo ports.Crane – If much more than one, the central one. Because that cargo ports.Dock – The area the water in between two piers or together a pier that receives a ship because that loading, unloading, or repairs.Pier – has a ‘dock’ on one of two people side. Usually a few in a row.Quay – A kai or reinforced financial institution where ships space loaded or unloaded.Wharf – A landing place or pier whereby ships may tie up and load or unload. Usually singular.Marina – location for to chat ships to tie up.Port – A ar on a waterway with framework for loading and unloading ships.Harbor – (Harbour) A sheltered part of a body of water deep enough to carry out anchorage because that ships.Anchorage – A harbour v no facilities.Approximate – could be as much as 20 miles far from the actual port location.More frequently it’s in ~ a mile that the really location. Accuracy is low because of geocodingbased on town name, usage of DD.DD° or DD.DDDD° style instead of DD.DDDDDD° because that latitudeand longitude values.City – purely “there’s a port in City A, for this reason the harbor XY it s okay the longLat the City A, regularly putting it on land instead of water.

Less useful:

Jetty – 1. A structure, such as a pier, that projects into a body of water to affect the existing or tide or to protect a harbor or coastline from storms or erosion. 2. A wharf

Note: some above from Yahoo! Answers and American heritage Dictionary

Type values

anchorage – where a boat or other vessel lies at anchor


cargo port (bulk, break bulk, container)cruise terminal: cruise residence port, cruise harbor of callfishing portrecreationaldry port – storing pearl on land


seaport – on the sea (blue water)inland – ~ above a flow or big inland human body of water (brown water)warm water – ice-free year round harbor in an otherwise winter sea-ice zone


Natural – deserve to still include later enhancements.Artificial

(below) phibìc America.

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Version History

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