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When an object as a entirety is separated into two parts, over there aretwo possibilities. The parts may be same or unequal.

Each equal component of a whole is referred to as one-half. That is expressed together 1/2 and also read as one over 2 or one top top two.



If a vivid sheet of document istaken and one sheet is carried on come the the opposite edge and also a wrinkle is make inthe middle, climate this crease divides the sheet of file into two equal parts.Each component will be one fifty percent of the totality sheet.



The circle is additionally be separated into two half circles. Each of the 2 equal parts is called fifty percent of the whole. Similarly, each of the two equal components of a square is recognized as the half fraction as a component of a whole.

2. Again if us take a paper which to be earlier split into twoequal components by folding, it can again be split by a second fold in the middle.


Thus, the paper is separated intofour same parts. Every equal part is dubbed one-fourth or a 4 minutes 1 of thewhole sheet. Thus, any kind of whole can be divided into four equal parts and each partis one-fourth or a 4 minutes 1 of the whole. The is expressed as 1/4 and also read together oneover 4 or one top top four.

If we think about two components of thefour equal parts of a entirety it will represent 2/4 or two fourths, i.e. Twoone-fourth or half.

If we consider three parts of thefour equal parts of a whole, the will represent 3/4 or three-fourths or threequarters. It is additionally read as 3 upon four.

3. If a sheet is separated into 3 equal parts, climate each component iscalled one-third of the entirety sheet.

Thus, among the 3 equal components of awhole is referred to as one-third of it and expressed as 1/3, i m sorry is created asone-third or one upon three.

See the images shows three equal components of a sheet.  


Similarly, if a one is dividedinto three equal parts, each component is dubbed one-third the the totality circle. Onethird is stood for by 1/3 or, one upon 3 or, one three.

See the photos shows three equal parts of a circle.  

4. How deserve to we relatively share one apple in between two children? exactly how much will each boy get? permit us cut the apologize in three various ways.

Now, let us compare the shaded components which the unsheded components in each picture. In picture (i) the shaded part is smaller than the unshaded part. In snapshot (ii) the shaded part is bigger than the unshaded part. In p(iii) shaded and unshaded components are equal. Us say the apple is separated into equal halves. One component is called one-half.

There space two halves in a whole. Each fifty percent is created as (frac12). It is check out as one through two. 

5. 1/2, 1/3, 2/4, 2/3, 3/4, ……… , etc., are dubbed fractions orfractional numbers.

1/5, 2/5, 3/5, 4/5, 5/5, 1/6, 2/6,3/6, 4/6, 5/6, ………… etc., are also fractions. Any part or part of a whole oneis recognized as a fraction. A portion is expressed by two numbers having a smallhorizontal line between them.

The number over the little line iscalled the numerator or top number and the number below thesmall heat is referred to as denominator or bottom number.

As, in 4/5, where 4 is the numerator and also 5 is the denominator

We say one entirety is divide into 5equal parts from which if 4 components are taken, it may be expressed as 4/5 whichis a fountain number or fraction.

The over explanation will help us come understand just how the fractionas a part of a entirety number.

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