May 5: Hamartia - A deadly flaw resulting in the downfall of a tragic hero or heroine

I have loved everyone. Ns did.

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They have loved me. Did they?


I have provided everything.

They have provided everything. Or so i thought


The curtains rose

And the truth triumphed.

The fact was on mine side,

But the consequences were not.


The fact has constantly won.

But now it’s too late.


I have actually loved everyone.

They have loved me.

But the was no love

It was exploitation,

For them, it was opportunity.


It was not a formidable enemy from without

who beat me.

It to be my very own head

It to be my very own ignorance

It was my very own heart

who failure to see the true enemy

It was my own love

That brought me come this pit

My adversaries laugh

My enemies celebrate


I to be no much longer a hero

no longer a champion

I became a hero without a heart


There is no such point a hero without a heart

Only who

whose heart was ripped the end of their chest

the light, extinguished


An ocean of rage,

Anger, hurt

They thrive

Inside mine veins


While the fall of love

Mercy, forgiveness

They drown

They have actually left me.

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