It renders no sense and also it watch really the end of place. That’s why this location is #3 on my countdown of strangest locations in Houston after ~ the brand-new Houston Music Outlet team go a tiny research ~ above this house. There has been too many of exciting rumors and also conspiracies because that decades about this mansion, however we are going to start off with the facts on what we understand is true. The mansion to be actually built in 1984 and is detailed to be currently own by an elderly guy named john Nicholas. The is 74 years old. Us ran a google search for John Nicholas and also what came up was, well, take a look below.

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This photo freaked me out yet this man may not be john Nicholas, the owner that Gessner mansion and could be a photo of an additional John Nicholas. Either way, something about this snapshot definitely strikes me as odd and leaves questions. (Nightmare fuel)

There space two world according to the City of Houston that actually live in this residence by the surname of H.V Tran & H.K Tran, both approximately the age of 65 year old. Based upon my monitorings of this home I have actually noticed that these people are almost never in this house and also people in the Sharpstown-area have claimed that the house has actually been nearly vacant for countless years.

Legend has it that two decades ago approximately the 1990s a an extremely rich wealthy middle eastern family members moved in to this Gessner mansion. The guy of the family members was a an extremely successful businessman who own nearly 20 stop ‘n walk gas stations anywhere Houston and lived there with his wife and two kids. One night once everyone was sleeping , the story goes, the mam forgot to revolve off the gas stove and everyone suffocated in their sleep. People have declared that this mansion is haunted and many people that moved to this mansion don’t end up staying really long. There have been stories of world who journey past the residence and see shadows in the windows and even the previous maid that this middle eastern family members has came out speak she had trouble sleeping and also went stunner after the family’s death. Castle say also thieves space afraid of this mansion. Some insurance claim that there’s a portal in one of the rooms to an additional world. However, ns am no stating any kind of of these cases are true but this is just what some human being have claimed. Truth or city legend? ethical testimonies or lie individuals? you decide.

#2 West Oaks ‘phantom walker’


Our next place on the countdown is near great old, standard West Oaks Mall. World have explained seeing a nearly transparent figure wearing white pants and navy Frock coat walking follow me the intersection that Richmond and Westheimer Road near the enntrance gate West Oaks Mall. The apparition, that is stated to be a male v dark, curly hair under to his shoulders, is spotted walking in ~ a secure pace early mornings after ~ 6 AM however never after ~ 7 AM. The walks in a directly line, never appearing totally bodied and usually transparent at the knee down. Some think this to be the ghost that a Spanish soldier. Skeptical and also have a little courage/boredom? Head come the intersection beforehand one morning and let us know if you spot something.

#1 Jefferson Davis Hospital


A lot of of debate has surrounded this an extremely antique hospital located in Houston’s an initial Ward. A straightforward Google search would prove this. The hospital was built on peak of a Confederate military cemetery in the 1920s and also was opened to the general public after much debate and controversy. The hospital served the city of Houston because that years and was later abandoned when management moved locations. The structure sat vacant for many years, disk so negative it came to be a major eye-soar to the community. The website of regular break-ins and squatters, adventurous ghost hunters preferred to visit this site in hopes of catching some paranormal activity. The Jefferson Davis Hospital has had actually reports of strange voices, police dogs that are afraid to go into the structure during fire alarms, and also people the seem to get in rooms and also never exit. In the at an early stage 2000s, the building was lastly remodeled, renovated and also turned right into a 34-room loft/ artist community. This day the Jefferson Davis Hospital is a registered historic landmark, however with a shadowy past.

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We expect you enjoyed our countdown of peak creepiest locations in Houston. What execute you believe? You deserve to let us understand in the comment or tweet us any of your thoughts on these tales. To be to one of the places we’ve listed? phone call us.