Videos and also solutions to aid Grade 5 students learn just how to compare and evaluate expressions v parentheses. common Core Standards: 5.OA.1, 5.OA.2, 5.NF.4a, 5.NF.6 associated Topics: great Plans and Worksheets for Grade 5 great Plans and also Worksheets for every Grades more Lessons because that Grade 5 typical Core because that Grade 5 new York State common Core mathematics Grade 5, Module 4, great 10 class 10 Concept advancement Problem 1: write an expression to match a tape diagram. Then evaluate.Problem 2: Write and also evaluate one expression native word form.The product the 4 and 2, split by 3.Problem 3: Evaluate and also compare identical expressions.a. 2 ÷ 3 × 4b. 4 thirds doubledc. 2 ÷ (3 × 4)d. 2/3 × 4e. 4 duplicates of the amount of one-third and also one-thirdf. (2 ÷ 3) × 4Problem 5: to compare expressions in word form and number form. class 10 problem Set1. Create expressions to complement the diagrams. Then evaluate.2. Compose an expression come match, then evaluate.a. 1/6 the sum of 16 and also 20.b. Subtract 5 indigenous 1/3 of 23.c. 3 time as much as the amount of 3/4 and also 2/6.d. 2/5 the the product of 5/6 and 42.e. 8 copies of the amount of 4 thirds and 2 more. F. 4 time as much as 1 3rd of 8.3. One the expression(s) that give the very same product together 4/5 x 7. Describe how girlfriend know.4. Usage , or = to make true number sentences without calculating. Describe your thinking.5. Collette to buy milk for herself each month and also recorded the quantity in the table below. Because that (a-c) compose an expression that records the calculation described. Then resolve to discover the missing data in the table.a. She purchase 1/4 of July"s complete in June.b. She to buy 3/4 as much in September as she walk in January and July combined.c. In April she purchase 1/4 gallon much less than double as much as she to buy in August.d. Screen the data native the table in a heat plot.e. How numerous gallons that milk walk Collette buy from January come October?

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Lesson 10 Homework GuidanceThis video clip gives some hints and guidance because that the class 10 homework problems. great 10 Homework

1. Compose expressions to enhance the diagrams. Then evaluate. 3. Write an expression to match, then evaluate

1/8 the sum of 23 and 17. class 10 HomeworkThis video shows just how to create, compare and also evaluate expressions that incorporate fractions and also whole numbers. Clip are additionally introduced.1. Write expressions to enhance the diagrams. Then evaluate.2. One the expression(s) that give the very same product together 6 ×1 3/8. Define how you know.

3. Write an expression to match, then evaluate. A. 1/8 the amount of 23 and also 17.e. 7 copies of the sum of 8 fifths and 4.

4. Use , or = to do true number sentences there is no calculating. Explain your thinking.a. 2/3 x (9 + 12) _____ 15 x 2/3 Homework inquiries 1 and also 2 Homework questions 3 and also 4 Homework concern 5

5. Fantine bought flour for she bakery every month and recorded the amount in the table to the right. Because that (a–c) create an expression that records the calculation described. Then deal with to discover the lacking data in the table.

a. She purchase 4/5 of January’s full in August.b. She purchase 7/8 as lot in April together she walk in October and also July combined.

c. In June she to buy 3/5 pound much less than 6 times as lot as she purchase in May.

d. Screen the data indigenous the table in a line plot.

e. How countless pounds of flour go Fantine buy indigenous January come October?

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