Foxbar was built sometime in between 1840 and also 1851. The file "Hamilton"s heritage Volume 5: reasons for Designation Under component IV of the Ontario legacy Act" says that Foxbar was constructed for prominent Dundas lawyer cutting board Robertson, but given the time, it may be an ext likely the it was built for Thomas" father Alexander Robertson, as suggested by Susan Evans show in her publication "Heritage Treasures".1 2

Whether father or son presided end the construction, the is known that Thomas and also his mam Frances Louisa review lived at Foxbar till 1878 as soon as Robertson was chosen to stand for Hamilton as MP and also moved to rock Castle. (Heritage Treasures) Robertson maintained ownership of Foxbar, yet rented it out till the residential property was offered to Harvey Binkley in 1890. In 1901 the residential or commercial property was marketed again come Frank Ernest Lennard. In approximately 1931, there was a significant fire that destroyed the inner of the house. This prompted renovations come the interior. The home then passed come Frank"s son Frank Exton Lennard, who stood for Dundas together an MP. After ~ the death of open minded Exton Lennard and his mam Gladys, the house was offered to a structure who transformed the home into a house for severely handicapped children, referred to as Reigal House. The existing owners have revived the house after that was changed for institutional use.1 2

The house is created entirely of Whirlpool Sandstone, utilizing dimension rock at the front, and N side, and also rubble in ~ the back (S and also W side). The addition (conservatory) ~ above the S was built after the original household owners marketed the house and is of very closely matched stone, wood and glass, and also that top top the N is built of wood and glass. Note particularly the key doorway v its tremendous lintel (carved native a single block, with an oblique crack near the centre) and also sill, and the prevalence of Aberdeen shortcut on the front and N side.

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Foxbar is the exterior filming location for Grey house in The great Witch series.


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A heritage Of StoneNina Perkins ChappleBuildings that the Niagara Peninsula, Fergus and Elora, Guelph, region of Waterloo, Cambridge, Paris, Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough, Hamilton and St. Marys


Heritage Treasuresby Susan Evans show Photographs by Jean CrankshawThe historic houses of Ancaster, Burlington, Dundas, eastern Flamborough, Hamilton, Stoney Creek and Waterdown