UPDATE: because that a 60 meter to 100 meter conversion, a rough guideline would be main point by 1.53 or 1.54. CLICK right here for Extrapolating 60 meter performances come 100 meters

This short article is a little bit dated, however it outlined the conversion determinants for Track and Field throughout the Canadian CIAU (now dubbed CIS) in the early on 1990’s.

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The criter to qualify because that Nationals were based on the 8th ar performance native the vault year’s Finals.

I am regularly surprised through the number of people questioning for conversion determinants for Track and Field. Basically, I’m referring to athletes wondering the extrapolation that a 60 meter time to 100 meter time. Or a 55 meter (a common distance in ~ Dartmouth university in Hanover, new Hampshire) come a traditional 60 meter.

I guess taking intermediate splits would be considered interpolation?

I already posted an in depth look at the differences in between a 400 meter and a 440 yard

The best means to identify your time is in reality running that distance. Or, have actually official splits taken follow me the way.

It to be reported Ben Johnson splits in his ill-famous 9.79 100 meter gyeongju in Seoul to be 5.52 seconds for 50 meters, 60 meter in 6.37, both that which were under the current human being records because that those distances. He additionally went v 40 yards in 4.38 seconds.

Here are some track Conversions tables for rarely held distances.

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The amazing conversion is the 200m come 300m conversion where you add 13.1 seconds. Mine 21.98 PB translates to a 35.08 (but mine PB for 300 meters indoors to be 35.15)

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Do these add up for you?

50y -> 50m = include 0.645.16 -> 5.80

50m -> 55m = add 0.555.80 -> 6.35

55m -> 60m = include 0.546.35 -> 6.89

50m -> 60m = include 1.095.80 -> 6.89

400m -> 440y = add 0.3 sec48.54 -> 48.84

300y -> 300m = include 4.1 sec30.64 -> 34.74

200m -> 300m = include 13.1 sec21.64 -> 34.74

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