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I didnt recognize where to short article this but since the engine is going in a 1970 nova i put it here, i acquired a 400 tiny block and also i dont know much around them beside they are prone to end heat as result of the steam ports, but i know it needs to be bored, i desire to go .60 over, what would certainly that do my cubic inches then? ~ no .30 end a 406 and .60 be a 409 or so.....i require to understand the boring specs because that .60 over stock is 4.155, ns think, can someone please help me
Because the its thin wall design and also siamesed cylinders, a .030 overbore is thought about the safe limit top top the 400 block. The standard bore is 4.126 so v .030 end (4.156) and the share stroke the 3.75, the engine would have actually 406.97 displacement or be taken into consideration a 407. The key reason because that boring the end an engine is to true and square the cylinders. The minuscule quantity of extr displacement itself will not make a big difference.
i didnt want to bore it over .60 but if i usage this block i have for my project .30 will not clear the cylinders up ns knew a few people running .60 over yet i knew it would be close come border heat on the engines, and also thank you for the share bore measure up i had been looking every night and kept comes up with the one i had actually so i thought it was stock, any kind of advice anyone can provide me about what i must do about a block?
If the block needs an ext than a .030 cut, think around getting another block, best a 350 that is for this reason much more user friendly. Did a shop diagnose why that needs an ext than a .030 overbore?Bob
Another thing you desire to watch the end for v the 400 SB is the it"s externally ballenced on the flywheel and also harmionic ballencer. Do not try to operation that engine v those components from other tiny blocks.

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in my opinion .60 over is pushing it, im around to construct a 406 i m sorry is .30 over, and thats about all i would certainly go
For all the hassles linked with a 400, in the lengthy run you"re much better off through a 350 specifically if you setup on a rebore. Walk for a 383/350 based stroker and also you"ll be happier and also have a much more reliable drive overall.Bob
I didnt know where to short article this but since the engine is going in a 1970 nova i placed it here, i acquired a 400 little block and also i dont know much about them next to they space prone to over heat because of the steam ports, but i understand it demands to it is in bored, i desire to walk .60 over, what would certainly that do my cubic customs then? ~ no .30 over a 406 and .60 it is in a 409 or so.....i need to understand the boring specs because that .60 over stock is 4.155, i think, can someone please aid me I choose the 400 smallblock. Have constantly had great luck with the 406. I have actually never had a difficulty with either of my 400s. One has factory heads that were redone and it is pushed in my fullsize pickup. My various other was in mine 73 nova for 5 years and also was race and also driven ~ above the street. Ns have always run a aluminum radiator v duel electric fans i m sorry comes through thermostat. I would agree with bob in to buy a pretty 400 balancer.Mine has never overheated. I operation trick flow heads with 510 elevator came, keath black color hyper pistons.I inquiry the machinist around 60 over and also he said not a an excellent idea as result of cylinder wall weekness issues. He recommend if ns was walking to carry out it i fill the block v cement whick only method the dragstrip and no much more street.
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