Callicoon, N.Y. — Jeff Brockner has actually a little bit of a journey to his favourite fishing clues – 4 hours to it is in exact.

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But the journey is worth it, and Brockner has pictures to prove it.

Brockner, who resides in the Sullivan County community of Callicoon, has actually made regular excursions to the St. Lawrence River with his dad Alan for decades, in find of huge muskies.

This fall, Brockner captured a behemoth that had the entirety St. Lawrence river fishing ar buzzing.

“It to be 58 customs long, through a 28-inch girth and massive thickness from the large head and all the means to the tail. I didn’t gain it weighed, yet the travel guide on the St. Lawrence river who attend to these fish all the time say it had actually to be pushing 60 pounds,” claimed Brockner, 55, that works as a state correction officer when he’s not fishing.

“I have been fishing in the St. Lawrence due to the fact that I to be 10 year old. I’ve to be muskie fishing on the St. Lawrence River v my father Alan because that the critical 30 years; every year for five to 10 days, yearly in ours own personal boat,” he said. “In the last 30 years my father and I have caught roughly 50 muskies. Our biggest prior come this one to be a 52.5-incher my father recorded 40 years ago. I have captured several 50-inch fish over the years. This is my best fish through far.”

Brockner recorded his muskie the morning that Oct. 15. That warmed up by catching a 36-inch muskie Oct. 10 and landing a 50-incher Oct. 14.

“You could speak to it a very an excellent week the fishing, v the huge one topping that off,” that said.

He said all of the fish the week were caught on Joe Bucher Depth Raider lures. They to be aboard their Starcraft boat and also Captain Albert (his father) to be piloting the watercraft in the 40-acre shoal area that the St. Lawrence when the fish fight in 32 feet the water.

“When the fish was an initial hooked i didn’t establish it was the big. That ran line hard and also fast at first hookup and stayed deep,” Brockner said. “It took roughly 15 minute to gain it 20 yards from the boat and also that’s when I saw how massive and long that was. Ns realized this was the fish of a lifetime that we have been after because that 30 years.”

Brockner only had actually one regret about that day. His practice is to release the fish he catches, and also he had actually every intentionally to placed his trophy ago into the river.

But that didn’t occupational out as he planned.

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“The plan for 30 years to be if I ever got a monster muskie favor this to be to release it for another day,” Brockner said. “The fish had actually the entice all the means down into his gills and also was bleeding heavily. After fast measurements and a picture, it was put earlier into the water but succumbed to its hurt gills. I regret the it didn’t survive. The fish to be filleted to eat as not to waste it. I’m getting a reproduction mount done by Lax Reproductions of Wisconsin.”

Now that he’s captured the fish of a lifetime, Brockner has actually no plans to stop. This coming loss he plans to it is in on the flow again, trying to find another wall surface hanger.

“My encore will certainly be back on St. Lawrence flow in October/November 2016 with my father,” that said, “trolling because that muskies, enjoying the moment together.”