Name :26n and also 80w
District :Anderson
Locality :Hunucmá
Sub-Locality :An Nhơn
Closest attend to :26 80, 318 00 Plzeň 3, Czech Republic

What city is 34 levels north 118 levels west?

Los Angeles County

Where is 47 levels north and 122 degrees west?

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San FranciscoCalifornia37°47′N 122°25′W
SeattleWashington47°37′N 122°20′W
SacramentoCalifornia38°33′N 121°28′W
KamloopsBritish Columbia50°41′N 120°20′W

What is the latitude and longitude of Cairo Egypt?

30.0444° N, 31.2357° E

What is the longitude the Egypt?

26.8206° N, 30.8025° E

What heat of longitude passes v Cairo?

Major Cities: Latitude, Longitude, and also Corresponding Time Zones

Budapest, Hungary4719
Buenos Aires, Argentina3458
Cairo, Egypt3031

Which city is closest come the very same longitude together Berlin?

Berlin is situated at latitude and longitude the is component of Europe and the north hemisphere….Cities at the very same latitude as Berlin.

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Irkutsk, Russia /td>

Which place is located at the intersection the 26 N and also 90 E?

For example, Dhubri in Assam is positioned at 26° N latitude and also 90° E longitude. Discover out the point where these 2 lines reduced each other. That point will be the place of Dhubri.

What countries are in ~ 40 levels latitude?

The 40th parallel north is a one of latitude the is 40 levels north that the Earth’s equatorial plane….Around the world.

Co-ordinatesCountry, territory or seaNotes
40°0′N 62°26′EUzbekistan
40°0′N 68°48′ETajikistan
40°0′N 69°31′EKyrgyzstan
40°0′N 70°32′ETajikistanFor around 9 km (5.6 mi)

What city is in ~ 40 levels north latitude?

The parallel 40 degrees north passes through Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and also the north suburbs the Denver, Colorado. Global the 40th parallel runs through Beijing, China; Turkey; Japan and also Spain.

What cities space at latitude 41 levels north?

World urban at 41 levels North Latitude

Water Tower. Rome, Italy — Italy’s “Eternal City” is just one of the world’s many historic and also interesting places.Piazza Tritona. Barcelona, Spain — Spain’s second largest city is a marvelous destination with splendid architecture and a vibrant Barrio Gotic.Sagrada Familia. Blue Mosque.

What continent does 40 degrees South Pass?

The 40th parallel south is a circle of latitude the is 40 degrees south that the Earth’s equatorial plane. It the cross the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, Australasia, the Pacific Ocean and also South America.

What place is 100 levels longitude?

The proportion of yes, really precipitation to potential evapotranspiration provides the aridity index. The 100th meridian runs from pole to pole, 100 levels longitude west the the prime meridian in Greenwich, England.

What is the highest degree longitude?


What nation is 60 levels north and also 40 levels east?

Explanation: Russia is a commonwealth republic covering lot of east Europe and every one of North Asia.

What city is 30 levels north and 90 levels west?

New Orleans

What nation is 60 levels north and 100 degrees west?


Where is 60 levels north and 120 degrees west?

The Confluence is specifically located top top the triple boundary suggest between british Columbia, Alberta, and the Northwest Territories.

What continent is at 40 degree north and also 100 level East?


What continent is 30 levels south and 60 degrees west?

South America

What country is 40 degrees north and 140 degrees east?


What nation is 20 N 80 E?


What is 20 levels south and also 140 degrees east?

What continent is at works with 20 degrees South and also 140 degrees East? The continent and also the flag state of Australia is situated at the co-ordinates the were proclaimed by the OP in the question. Specifics the ar is discovered in Queensland, reasonably close to the border through the northern Territory.

What continent carry out you discover at 20 S 120 E?

Shanghai, China, on the continent that Asia, is in ~ 30 degrees north and 120 levels east. A ar at 20 degrees south and also 60 levels west is in: Africa south America Australia The Paci˜c s 4.

Where is the 120th meridian?

The 120th meridian defines part of the border between British Columbia and also Alberta in Canada, and also approximately defines component of the border between California and also Nevada in the united States.

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What continent does 120 levels East Pass?

The meridian 120° east of Greenwich is a line of longitude that extends native the north Pole throughout the Arctic Ocean, Asia, the Indian Ocean, Australia, the southerly Ocean, and Antarctica to the south Pole. The 120th meridian east forms a great circle with the 60th meridian west.