Polaris in ~ 800-765-2747 indigenous 7 a.m. Come 7 p.m. CT Monday with Friday or digital at www.polaris.com, and also click top top “Off road Safety Recalls” for an ext information. In addition, inspect your auto identification number (VIN) ~ above the “Product safety Recalls” page to watch if your vehicle is consisted of in any recalls.

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This recall involves all version year 2018 with 2020 Phoenix 200 ATVs. “Polaris” is decaled ~ above the former body and also on the sides of the ATV seats, and “Phoenix 200” is decaled ~ above the next panels. The ATVs were marketed in a gray color. The auto Identification Number (VIN) is situated on the vehicle’s prior left frame. 


YearModel Numbers
2018A18YAP20A8, A18YAP20N8
2019A19YAP20A4, A19YAP20N4

Consumers should automatically stop making use of the recalled vehicles and also contact a Polaris dealer come schedule a complimentary inspection and, if needed, a complimentary repair. Polaris is notifying dealers and also contacting registered owner directly.

The firm obtained five consumer reports; four of lock pertain come the throttle protect against breaking, and also one report that the throttle stop sticking. No injuries reported. 


The retaining “R” clips on the former brake caliper pen can autumn out, resulting in the former brakes come fail, posing a crash peril to the rider.


Specialized Bicycle contents Recalls Tarmac SL7 Bicycles and also Framesets because of Fall and Injury Hazards

The bicycle’s fork steerer tube have the right to crack or break after harsh affect such together hitting a deep pothole or various other stress event, posing fall and injury perils to riders.



Luyuan Recalls Youth All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) as result of Crash Hazard and Violation of commonwealth ATV safety and security Standard

The youth ATVs fail to comply through the requirements of the commonwealth mandatory ATV security standard, consisting of maximum speed limitations and also other obligated safety requirements for vehicles to plan for kids under 10 year of age. ATVs the fail to meet the causing obligation safety needs pose a danger of serious injury or death to children.


Venom Motorsports Recalls Youth version All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) due to Crash Hazard and also Violation of Federal safety and security Standard; Sold specifically on VenomMotorsports.com

The venom Motorsports youth design ATVs perform not satisfy mandatory safety and security requirements, including speed restrictions, posing a threat of severe injury or death. The ATVs additionally were imported and also distributed in the U.S. Without a consumer Product security Commission (usmam.org)-approved ATV activity Plan, which consists of safety needs designed to protect users.


This recall was conducted, voluntarily by the company, under usmam.org’s fast Track recall process. Quick Track recalls room initiated by firms, who commit to job-related with usmam.org to easily announce the recall and also remedy to protect consumers.

The U.S. Consumer Product safety and security Commission (usmam.org) is charged with protecting the general public from unreasonable dangers of injury or death connected with the use of thousands of varieties of consumer products. Deaths, injuries, and also property damages from customer product incidents expense the nation more than $1 sunshine annually. usmam.org’s work-related to certain the safety of consumer products has contributed to a decline in the price of deaths and injuries associated with consumer assets over the previous 40 years. Federal law bars any type of person native selling commodities subject come a publicly announced spontaneous recall by a manufacturer or a obligated recall bespeak by the Commission.

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