As Chrysler"s second-best seller behind the lamb -- and one that its most-recognizable offerings -- the Jeep cool Cherokee is a car that doesn"t receive updates without anybody noticing, specifically if they"re significant. And also while the cosmetic transforms made to the cool Cherokee because that 2014 space minor, the powertrain changes are noþeles but.

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The large news is the updated fuel economy. Thanks to the enhancement of one eight-speed automatically as conventional equipment, the cool Cherokee"s 3.6-liter V-6"s fuel economy gets a bang to 17 mpg city and 25 mpg highway, an innovation of 1 mpg in the city because that the 4x2 models, and a 2 mpg highway development for all models. The 5.7-liter V-8-powered design gets a 1 mpg bang in both city and highway fuel economy to 15 mpg city for 4x2 models and also 14 mpg because that 4x4 models, v highway fuel economy going up to 21 mpg combined. Fuel economic situation isn"t the just thing the improves. Best towing volume on the V-6 design goes approximately 6200 pounds, when the bad-boy SRT model goes native an unremarkable 5000 pounds come 7200.

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More far-ranging for the 2014 cool Cherokee"s fuel economic situation is the come of the long-awaited diesel model. It"s it is provided by a 3.0-liter, turbodiesel V-6 sourced indigenous Italy"s VM Motori that"s great for 240 hp and 420 lb-ft the torque, which comes at simply 2000 rpm. Prefer the gasoline models, it"s mated come eight-speed automatic. The powertrain mix results in exceptional fuel economy figures of 21/30 mpg city/highway because that 4x2 models and also 20/28 mpg city/highway for 4x4 models. The can also tow up to 7400 pounds. Top top the technical side, the engine attributes a 60-degree cylinder financial institution angle because that optimum balance, a high-pressure 29,000 psi common-rail injection system, and also a water-cooled turbocharger. It is B5 compliant. It additionally gets a fluid-based SCR catalyst device to do it Tier II, Bin 5 emissions-compliant, definition that the diesel grand Cherokee will certainly for the an initial time be accessible in all 50 states.

To optimize performance even further, the 2014 cool Cherokee supplies an accessible Eco Mode. Top top models equipped v the wait suspension, the lowers ride height at speeds over 56 mph and optimizes the transmission"s shift schedule. Top top the hemi model, it likewise engages cylinder deactivation an ext aggressively to save fuel.

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That wait suspension system, called Quadra-Lift, additionally gives the driver the an option of three ride-height settings. The normal setting gives the automobile 8.7 customs of floor clearance. Off-Road 1 elevator the vehicle 1.3 inches because that a total of 10 inch of clearance, and Off-Road 2 raises it an additional 1.3 inches for 11.3 customs of clearance. Aero mode lowers the automobile 0.6 inches listed below normal ride height for optimal aerodynamics. The three four-wheel journey systems, Quadra-Drive I, Quadra-Drive II and also Quadra-Trac II bring over native 2013, through Quadra-Trac II adding an electronic limited-slip rear differential.

Cosmetically, changes are many enough to do the 2014 cool Cherokee stand out as a brand-new model. Increase front, it gets thinner-profile front irradiate clusters through bi-xenon HID headlights and LED driving light surrounds standard on the Overland and brand-new Summit trim, and optional on the limited trim level. The fog lights have actually been repositioned and also get brand-new surrounds because that a much more upscale look.

In the back, every 2014 cool Cherokees get LED taillights, and the Jeep logo design on the tailgate is relocated up and also enlarged as a stand-alone detail. The Summit model adds extr exterior accents in the type of a mesh grille and also unique exterior badging. The high-po SRT version gets a menacing blackout grille therapy to assist it stand out from that is non-performance-oriented siblings.

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Interior transforms are limited. All 2014 cool Cherokee models gain the stubby T-bar digital shifter first seen in the Chrysler 300 and also Dodge Charger, to add a new three-spoke steering wheel, with the SRT getting a unique flat-bottomed version. Every come through paddle shifters. The SRT likewise receives a launch regulate feature because that optimum power and also acceleration.

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It every adds up to a look at minor yet quite considerable update the should give the grand Cherokee a significant sales boost. We can"t wait to acquire behind the wheel and on the trail with the 2014 grand Cherokee, specifically the new diesel model. Stay tuned.