The SRS light is there to call you when something is wrong through your airbags, but sometimes it"ll stay on for no reason. Here"s just how you reset it.

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This article applies to the Honda public (1992-2000).

The SRS (Supplement Restraint System) alerts you if something is wrong with the wait bag system. Occasionally the light come on as soon as there"s naught wrong v the device at all. Performing a rapid reset should shut off the light.


Step 1 - discover the MES (Memory Erase Signal) connector

Pop open the dashboard underneath the dashboard to disclose the fuse box. The MES connector is a yellow connector at the optimal right the the fuse crate that connects to an north socket. Unplug it and pull that out.

Figure 1. Circled is the MES connector.

Step 2 - Reset the SRS light

Take a twisted a jumbo file clip right into a U shape. Revolve the ignition off and connect each finish of the paperclip come the pins ~ above the MES connector. Revolve the ignition on, and the SRS light will certainly come on because that six seconds before turning off. Disconnect the document clip as quickly as the light goes off. As soon as light comes ago on reconnect the paperclip. Wait for the irradiate to go off once much more then disconnect the paperclip. The SRS light will blink twice to show that the memory has actually been erased. Rotate off the ignition and wait ten secs to restart the car. The light need to come on because that a minute then walk out.

Figure 2. SRS irradiate (highlighted above) will certainly blink twice once it"s been reset.
Pro Tip

The timing can be tricky so if it doesn"t occupational at first try a couple of more times. You"ll recognize it operated when the SRS light blinks twice.

Step 3 - Troubleshoot the SRS

If the reset didn"t work, it means that the SRS is acquiring an error. This have the right to be caused by the steering wheel, airbags, gauges, or seats being disconnected as soon as the ignition comes on. The could additionally be a bad SRS module.

Troubleshoot the SRS by finding the blue 2-pin company check connector underneath your glovebox. Revolve off the ignition. Wait ten seconds, then connect the U shame paperclip to the connector. Revolve on the ignition and wait because that the SRS light to offer you a code. The password is formatted using long blinks complied with by short blinks. Any type of code through 5, 6, 7, 8, or 10 lengthy blinks way that the difficulty is v the SRS module. If the code is a 1 or 2 then the trouble is v the driver"s or passenger"s waiting bags respectively. If the code is a 9 then the trouble is through the power supply.

Figure 3. Service check connector under the glovebox.

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If a diagnostic doesn"t help identify the problem then it"s time to take it it in to a Honda mechanic.