This awesome guide shows how to adjust engine oil on a 3.7 V6 Ford Mustang. It has pictures, parts and also all the tools needed. That covers the 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 V6 Mustangs (some fifth generation and also some sixth generation Mustangs).

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There's nothing inexplicable about an altering the oil on the v6 Mustang, but this article will cover the whole thing so you can conveniently buy the parts and tools friend need before you get started.

The oil readjust interval is every 10,000 miles according come the service light. This interval requires a high quality filter and synthetic oil. Part people readjust it much more frequently, especially on the an initial oil change.

The share v6 Mustang simply barely right on my regular ramps there is no rubbing, but it fit simply fine.

Place the ramps in front of the prior wheels, and really slowly and carefully journey onto the ramps. Keep in mind this takes part finesse, therefore don't be embarrassed if the takes girlfriend a couple of do the efforts to carry out it right.

Just be certain not to journey off the end of the ramps, you'll have a poor day.


Locate the oil drainpipe plug, it's top top the passenger next of the oil pan, behind the oil business panel.

Place an oil capture pan under the plug and also remove the oil drain plug making use of a 15mm hex socket.


The Mustang has actually a pretty convenient service panel simply under the prior of the engine bay. This organization panel swings the end of the means so the you can reach the oil filter.

There are 3 x 8mm hex head bolts in ~ the former of the dashboard that save it in place. Remove those 3 bolts.


Once the 3 bolts are out, the panel type of slides toward the back of the auto a little bit and also hinges down and also out of the way.

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The oil filter is situated on the front, driver's next of the engine block. You deserve to see it (and perhaps reach it) native above, however the service panel will enable you to inspect for leaks and also much less complicated reach the filter for removal.