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Hi everyone, my tribute got to 100,000 mile so I determined to drainpipe the old coolant and fill with brand brand-new 50/50 anti coolant. So everything went smooth it spins the end. I started the car, it overheated a small and ns turned the off, Applied more coolant to the complete cold selection (it to be there prior to but go down) and tried again. The car didn"t overheat however the max warm air is really cold. Ns feel ns messed increase my truck pretty bad. I did whatever on the hand-operated list other than the darn open up bleed valve and close bleed valve. I dont recognize what the heck the even means. I found the engine coolant bleed valve however I have no idea exactly how to open up it or close it. PLease help im freaking out. Idk it that"s the trouble cause, however its the only thing I got lost with. ... Sp=sharingSorry I have no idea exactly how to post pics, but there is the attach of the current problem of my car and the yellow one in the engine coolant bleed valve i dont know how to open or close it
Ok so ns went ahead and also turned the tribute on through the top off,and controlled to figure out how the bleed valve works. After that took the car for a drive and also the heater worked. Thanks for the help. The difficulty was definately air bubbles or pockets stuck inside the tube or something. Releasing resolved it although ns didn"t see any type of bubbles. The anticoolant just went native mid range on the reservoir to complete , ns turned that off before it reached the top. Hope it"s all an excellent now
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